Unit Histories

Generally laudatory in nature, Unit (or Regimental) Histories were usually published by or on behalf of the unit associations after the war. Many contain honour roles and listings of those who served in the unit.



Australian Corps
Monash, John. The Australian Victories in France in 1918. (London : Hutchinson & Co., [1920])

Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Mackenzie, S.S., The Australians at Rabaul : the capture and administration of the German possessions in the southern Pacific (Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1927)

Desert Mounted Corps
Preston, R. M. P. The Desert Mounted Corps : an account of the cavalry operations in Palestine and Syria, 1917-1918. (London : Constable, 1921)

5th Division
Ellis, Alexander Donaldson. The story of the Fifth Australian Division, being an authoritative account of the division's doings in Egypt, France and Belgium. (London : Hodder and Stoughton limited, [1920]):


Gower, S. N. (Stephen Newman); Thomas, W. D., Guns of the Regiment (Canberra : Australian War Memorial, 1981)

Horner, D. M. (David Murray). The Gunners : a history of Australian artillery. (St Leonards, N.S.W : Allen & Unwin, 1995):

1st Field Artillery Brigade
Dean, E. T. (Edwin Theyer). The war service record of the First Australian Field Artillery Brigade 1914-1919. ( ;Adelaide : [s.n, 192-] ((Adelaide : W.K. Thomas)))

1st Field Artillery Battery
Cubis, Richmond, A history of "A' Battery : New South Wales Artillery (1871-1899), Royal Australian Artillery (1899-1971) Sydney : Elizabethan Press, 1978)



Cutlack, F.M., The Australian Flying Corps in the western and eastern theatres of war, 1914-1918 (Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1923)

Goodland, David; Vaughan, Alan, Anzacs Over England (Phoenix Mill, [Eng.] : Alan Sutton Pub, 1992)

3rd Flying Squadron
Wrigley, H.N., The Battle Below : being the history of No. 3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps [Sydney : distributed by Bennett, 1985]

4th Flying Squadron
Richards, E.J., History of the 4th Squadron, Australian Flying Corps (Ann Arbor, Mich : University Microfilms International, 1979)



McNicoll, Ronald, The Royal Australian Engineers, 1902 to 1919 : Making and Breaking (Melbourne : Corps Committee of the Royal Australian Engineers, 1979)

1st Pack Wireless Signal Squadron
Burke, Keast. With Horse and Morse in Mesopotamia : the story of Anzacs in Asia. ([Sydney : A. & N.Z. Wireless Signal Squadron History Committee], 1927)

7th Field Company
Chatto, R. H. (Ronald Henry) . The Seventh Company (Field Engineers) A.I.F., 1915-1918. (Sydney : Printed bySmith's Newspapers, 1936)

Mining Corps
Higgins, Paul, The Australian Mining Corps in the Great War (manuscript). (, 1995):



1st Infantry Battalion
Stacy, B. V.; Kindon, F. J.; Chedgey, H. V., The History of the First Battalion A.I.F., 1914-1919 (Sydney, First Battalion : A.I.F. Association, 1931)

2nd Infantry Battalion
F.W. Taylor and T.A. Cusack, Nulli secundus : a history of the Second Battalion, A.I.F., 1914-1919 (Swanbourne, W.A : John Burridge Military Antiques, 1992)

3rd Infantry Battalion
Wren, Eric, Randwick to Hargicourt : History of the 3rd. Battalion, A.I.F (Sydney : McDonald, 1935)

5th Infantry Battalion
Keown, A W. Forward with the Fifth : the story of five years' war service, Fifth Infantry Battalion, A.I.F. (Melbourne : Specialty Press, 1921)

6th Infantry Battalion
Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), As Rough as Bags : the history of the 6th Battalion, 1st AIF, 1914-1919 (McCrae,Vic : R.J. & S.P. Austin, 1992)

Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Bold - Steady - Faithful : the history of the 6th Battalion, the Royal Melbourne Regiment, 1854-1993 ( ; Melbourne : 6th Battalion Association, 1993 (Available from 6th Battalion Association, c/o R Austin, 18 Fairway Cres., McCrae Vic. 3938))

7th Infantry Brigade
Denham, Peter J., "The Blue Diamonds" : history of the 7th Brigade ([Canberra? : Denham], 1987)

7th Infantry Battalion
Dean, Arthur; Gutteridge, Eric W. The Seventh Battalion, A.I.F : resume of the activities of the Seventh Battalion in the Great War, 1914-1918. ( ; Melbourne : [A. Dean and E.W. Gutteridge], 1933 ((Melbourne : W. & K. Purbrick)))

8th Infantry Battalion
Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Cobbers in Khaki : the history of the 8th Battalion, 1914-1919 (McCrae, Vic :Slouch Hat Publications, 1997)

9th Infantry Battlaion
Wrench, C. M. (Clarence Meredith), Campaigning with the fighting 9th (in and out of the line with the 9th A.I.F.) 1914-1919 (Brisbane : Boolarong Publications, 1985)

Harvey, Norman K. From Anzac to the Hindenburg Line : the history of the 9th Battalion, A.I.F. (Brisbane : 9th. Battalion. A.I.F. Association, 1941)

10th Infantry Battalion
Lock, Cecil Bert Lovell. The fighting Tenth : a South Australian centenary souvenir of the 10th Battalion, A.I.F.(Adelaide : Webb, 1936)

11th Infantry battalion
44.Belford, Walter C. . "Legs-eleven" : being the story of the 11th Battalion (A.I.F.) in the Great War of 1914-1918. (Perth : Imperial Printing, 1940):

12th Infantry Battalion
Newton, L. M. The Story of the Twelfth : a record of the 12th Battalion, A.I.F. during the Great War of 1914-1918. ( ;Hobart : 12th Battalion Association, 1925 ((Hobart : J. Walch & Sons)))

13th Infantry battalion
White, Thomas A. (Thomas Alexander). The History of the Thirteenth Battalion, A.I.F. (Sydney : Tyrrell's, 1924)

14th Infantry Battalion
Rule, E.J., Jacka's Mob, Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1933, 2000

15th Infantry Battalion
Chataway, T. P. (Thomas Percival); Goldenstedt, Paul. History of the 15th Battalion, Australian Imperial Force : war 1914-1918. Rev. ed. (Brisbane, Qld. : William Brooks, 1948)

16th Infantry Battalion
Longmore, C (Cyril). The Old Sixteenth : being a record of the 16th Battalion, A.I.F. during the Great War, 1914-1918. (Perth : History Committee of the 16th Battalion Association, 1929)

17th Infantry Battalion
Mackenzie, Keith Wemyss. The story of the Seventeenth Battalion, A. I. F. in the Great War, 1914-1918. ([Sydney],1946)

21st Infantry Battalion
Smith, Neil C., The red and black diamond : the history of the 21st Battalion 1915-18 (Gardenvale, Vic. : Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, 1997)

22nd Infantry Battalion
Gorman, E. (Eugene). With the twenty-second : a history of the twenty-second battalion, A.I.F. (Melbourne : H.H.Champion, 1919)

23rd Infantry Battalion
The 23rd Battalion, A.I.F. souvenir. (France : H.H. Ford, 1918)

Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Forward Undeterred: The history of the 23rd Battalion (McCrae, Vic :Slouch Hat, 1998)

24th Infantry Battalion
Harvey, W. J. The Red and White Diamond : authorised history of the Twenty-Fourth Battalion A.I.F. (Melbourne : A. McCubbin for the 24th Battalion Association, [1920])

25th Infantry Battalion
Doneley, Robert James Tyson, Black over blue : the 25th Battalion, AIF at war, 1915-1918 (Darling Heights, Qld :USQ Press, 1997)

27th Infantry battalion
Dollman, W; Skinner, H. M. The Blue and Brown Diamond : a history of the 27th Battalion Australian Imperial Force, 1915-1919. (Adelaide : Lonnen & Cope, 1921)

28th Infantry Battalion
Kahan, Henry Kagan., The 28th Battalion Australian Imperial Force : a record of war service ([South Perth : The Author, 1968))

Collett, Herbert Brayley. The 28th : a record of war service with the Australian Imperial Force, 1915-1919. (Perth :Trustees of the Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery of Western Australia, 1922)

29th Infantry Battalion
Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Black and gold : the history of the 29th Battalion, 1915-1918 (McCrae, Vic, Slouch Hat Publications, 1997)

30th Infantry Battalion
Wade-Ferrell, T. F. (Tom F.), In all things faithful : a history and album of the 30th Battalion and New South Wales Scottish Regiment (Killara, N.S.W : Fine Arts Press, 1985)

Sloan, H. The purple and gold : a history of the 30th Battalion. (Sydney : Halstead Press, 1938)

33rd Infantry Battalion
Edwards, John, Never a Backward Step : a history of the First 33rd Battalion, AIF. (South Grafton, N.S.W : Beetong Books, 1996)

37th Infantry Battalion
McNicol, N. G. (Norman Gordon). The Thirty-Seventh : history of the Thirty-Seventh Battalion A.I.F. (Melbourne :Modern Printing, 1936)

38th Infantry Battalion
Fairey, Eric. The story and official history of the 38th Battalion A.I.F. (Bendigo : Bendigo Advertiser Pty. Ltd. and the Cambridge Press, 1920)

39th Infantry Battalion
Paterson, Alexander Thomas, The Thirty-Ninth : the history of the 39th battalion, Australian Imperial Force. (Melbourne : G. W. Green & sons pty. ltd., 1934)

40th Infantry Battalion
Green, F. C. (Frank Clifton). The Fortieth : a record of the Fortieth Battalion, A.I.F. (Hobart : Printed for the 40th Battalion Association by J. Vail, Government Printer, 1922)

41st Infantry Battalion
Alcorn, J. W., History of 41st Battalion, the Royal New South Wales Regiment, 1916 to 1983 Rev. ed. ([Lismore, N.S.W.] : [J.W. Alcorn], 1983)

MacGibbon, Frederick William. The Forty-First. ([France? : Australian Commonwealth Military Forces, 1920?])

42nd Infantry Battalion
Brahms, Vivian, Spirit of the Forty-Second  (Brisbane, W. R. Smith & Paterson Pty Ltd, 1938)

43rd Infantry battalion
Colliver, E J; Richardson, B E. The Forty-third : the story and official history of the 43rd. Battalion, A.I.F.
([Adelaide] : Rigby, 1920)

44th Infantry Battalion
Longmore, C (Cyril). Eggs-a-cook! The story of the Forty-Fourth : war as the digger saw it. (Perth, W.A : Colortype Press, 1921)

46th Infantry Battalion
Polanski, Ian, We Were The 46th (1999). 

45th Infantry Battalion
Lee, J. E. (Joseph Edward), A brief history of the 45th Battalion, A.I.F., 1916-1919 ([Sydney] : 45th Battalion Reunion Association, 1962)

48th Infantry Battalion
Devine, W. The Story of a Battalion. (Melbourne : Melville & Mullen, 1919)

49th Infantry Battalion
Cranston, F (Frederick), Always Faithful : a history of the 49th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1916-1982 (Brisbane :Boolarong Publications, 1983)

50th Infantry Battalion
Freeman, R. R. (Roger R.), Hurcombe's Hungry Half Hundred : a memorial history of the 50th Battalion A.I.F., 1916-1919 . (Norwood, S. Aust. : Peacock Publications, 1991)

53rd Infantry Battalion
Kennedy, John Joseph. The Whale Oil Guards. (Dublin : Duffy, 1919)

57th Infantry Battalion
Corfield, Robin S., Hold hard, cobbers : the story of the 57th and 60th and 57/60th Australian Infantry Battalions, 1912-1990 (Glenhuntly [Vic.] : 57/60th Battalion (AIF) Association, 1991)

59th Infantry Battalion
History of the 59th Battalion, (Melbourne: 59th Battalion AIF Association, 1968)

60th Infantry Battalion
Corfield, Robin S., Hold hard, cobbers : the story of the 57th and 60th and 57/60th Australian Infantry Battalions, 1912-1990 (Glenhuntly [Vic.] : 57/60th Battalion (AIF) Association, 1991)



1st Light Horse Regiment
Vernon, P. V. (Philip Venables). The Royal New South Wales Lancers, 1885-1960 : incorporating a narrative of the 1st Light Horse Regiment, A.I.F. 1914-1919. (Sydney : Halstead Press, 1961)

2nd Light Horse Regiment
Starr, Joan; Sweeney, Christopher. Forward : the history of the 2nd/14th Light Horse (Queensland Mounted Infantry). ([St. Lucia] : University of Queensland Press, 1989)

Bourne, G. H.(George Herbert), The History of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment, Australian Imperial Force, August 1914-April 1919 . 1994 ed. (Swanbourne, W.A : John Burridge Military Antiques, 1994)

4th Light Horse Regiment
Smith, Neil C., Men of Beersheba : a history of the 4th Light Horse Regiment, 1914-1919 (Melbourne : Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, 1993)

5th Light Horse Regiment
Wilson, L. C. (Lachlan Chisholm); Wetherell, H (Henry). History of the Fifth Light Horse Regiment (Australian Imperial Force) from 1914 to October, 1917 and from October, 1917 to June, 1919. (Sydney : Motor Press of Australia Limited, 1926)

6th Light Horse Regiment
Berrie, George. Under Furred Hats : 6th A.L.H. Regt. (Sydney : W.C. Penfold, 1919)

8th Light Horse Regiment
Simpson, Cameron Victor, Maygar's Boys : a biographical history of the 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-19 (Moorooduc, Vic : Just Soldiers, Military Research & Publications, 1998)

9th Light Horse Regiment
Darley, T. H. (Thomas Henry) . With the Ninth Light Horse in the Great War. (Adelaide : Hassell Press, 1924)

11th Light Horse Regiment
Hammond, Ernest W., History of the 11th Light Horse Regiment, Fourth Light Horse Brigade, Australian Imperial Forces, War 1914-1919. ([Australia : The Regiment], 1942 (Brisbane : W. Brooks))

13th Light Horse Regiment
Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), My Corps Cavalry: The history of the 13th Light Horse Regiment (McCrae, Vic :Slouch Hat, 1999)

Langley, George Furner; Langley, Edmee Mary, Sand, Sweat and Camels : the Australian companies of the Imperial Camel Corps (Kilmore; Victoria : Lowden Publishing Company, 1976)

Bowyang, Bill. The Fighting Cameliers. (Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1934)

Inchbald, Geoffrey. Imperial Camel Corps. (London : Johnson, 1970)



3rd Field Ambulance
Austin, Sue; Austin, Ronald J. (Ronald James), The Body Snatchers : the history of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance, 1914-1918 (McCrae, Vic : Slouch Hat Publications, 1995):

4th Light Horse Field Ambulance
Riders of destiny : the 4th Australian Light Horse Field Ambulance 1917-1918 : an autobiography and history by Hamilton, Patrick M. (Patrick Macfarlan). 2nd ed. (Gardenvale, Vic. : Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, 1996)



3rd Pioneer Battalion
Keatinge, Maurice Barber Bevan. War book of the Third Pioneer Battalion. (Melbourne : Specialty Press, 1922)

5th Pioneer Battalion
Stevens, F. H., The story of the 5th Pioneer Battalion, A.I.F. (Adelaide : Callotype Co., 1937)


Royal Australian Navy

Jose, Arthur W. (Arthur Wilberforce). The Royal Australian Navy, 1914-1918. (Sydney : Angus and Robertson, 1928)

Frame, T. R. (Thomas R.); Swinden, G. J. (Greg J.). First in, last out : the navy at Gallipoli. (Kenthurst [N.S.W.] :Kangaroo Press, 1990)

HMAS Sydney
H.M.A.S. Sydney, 1913-1929 : the story of a light cruiser
by Daw, C. E.; Lind, L. J. (Lewis James). . (Garden Island, N.S.W : Naval Historical Society of Australia, 1973)

RAN Bridging Train
Frame, T. R. (Thomas R.); Swinden, G. J. (Greg J.). First in, last out : the navy at Gallipoli. (Kenthurst [N.S.W.] :Kangaroo Press, 1990)



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