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6th Battalion, D Company

AWM Roll number: 23/23/1

  1. From Melbourne, Victoria on board Transport A20 Hororata on 19 October 1914

398ADAMS, Edward75 Elgin Street, Hawthorn, Victoria
399AITCHISON, Angus Campbell11 Haines Street, Glenferrie, Victoria
401ALLEN, Desmond Claude58 Capel Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
400ANDERSON, Anton StanleyJersey Parade, Murrumbeena, Victoria
402BACKMAN, Percival Stanley8 Derrick Street, Kew, Victoria
403BALL, LionelClub Hotel, Lower Ferntree Gully, Victoria
409BATES, Edward60 Peel Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
411BAYNTUM, Edward34 Capel Street, West Melbourne, Victoria
404BECK, Stanley Hatton6A Lisson Grove, Hawthorn, Victoria
410BERESFORD, Charles18 Market Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
910BETTLES, Howard William3 Balston Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
405BLOCH, Victor Charles19 Elm Grove, Richmond, Victoria
391BLORE, Alfred Houghton16 Canterbury Road, Toorak, Victoria
412BOARER, Thomas EdwardTocumwal, New South Wales
413BOWEN, Clarence Edward206 Lennox Street, Richmond, Victoria
408BRAIN, Henry Belvin34 Lewisham Road, Windsor, Victoria
2060BRAY, Victor Albert120 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
1025BROWN, GeorgeNewbury PO, Trentham, Victoria
407BURNS, John63 Fletcher Street, Auburn, Victoria
387BURTON, Harold Jefferson4 Connell Street, Caulfield, Victoria
CAMPBELL, Leslie Gordon
1026CHALMERS, Claude Warren HenryDandenong, Victoria
1027CHALMERS, Robert DykesHomas, Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, Victoria
394COLE, Charles Russell327 Glenferrie Road, Glenferrie, Victoria
503CONN, William9 Henty Street, Richmond, Victoria
422COTTER, Joseph40 Condell Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
416CRAIG, Harold Gordon22 Weinberg Road, Hawthorn, Victoria
415CRAVEN, Richard Blackmore97 Buckingham Street, Richmond, Victoria
421CRAWFORD, Haworthc/o Mrs Walters, Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria
419CROOKS, William Campbell102 Railway Place, West Melbourne, Victoria
417CROSBY, Alfred37 Hamburg Street, Richmond, Victoria
418CROSBY, Benjamin37 Hamburg Street, Richmond, Victoria
2003DALAIS, Joseph Amedee Andre24 Park Street, St. Kilda, Victoria
DALY, Clarence Wells DidierMelbourne, Victoria
1029DAVIS, JamesBon Accord Tea Rooms, Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria
424DAY, Charles EdwardAuburn Hotel, Auburn, Victoria
924DODD, John22 Princes Street, Flemington, Victoria
1031DUNKLEY, Henry Edward88 Balmain Street, Richmond, Victoria
426DUNKLEY, Harold William88 Balmain Street, Richmond, Victoria
428ELKINGTON, Arthur Francis Gordon7 James Street, Richmond, Victoria
430EVANS, Arthur Hamilton33 Cremorne Street, Richmond, Victoria
2054EVANS, John Graham7 Oak Avenue, Elsternwick, Victoria
502FOLEY, Patrick19 Grace Street, Yarraville, Victoria
431FRY, William Albert51 Broughton Street, Kew, Victoria
444FULLERTON, Williamc/o Mrs Walters, Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria
432GALLAGHER, Thomas559 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Victoria
392GANGE, John Charles426 Burnley Street, Richmond, Victoria
499GAY, Robert Vivian18 Dudley Street, North Fitzroy, Victoria
2008GREEN, Joseph WatkinS9 Graham Street, Albert Park, Victoria
436HADDRICK, Ethelbert62 Madden Grove, Burnley, Victoria
434HAINES, Frederick ThomasJohnston Coffee Palace, Flinders Street, Melbourne,Vic
390HALL, Reginald Alfred37 Hr Ghbury Grove, Kew, Victoria
437HANLEY, Joseph Henry3 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond, Victoria
442HANLEY, ThomasTildealey Hotel, Tildesley, Victoria
2059HANSEN, Hans ChristianWedderburn Junction, Wedderburn, Victoria
438HARDIE, William GordonMonahans Buildings, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria
445HARKNESS, James Henryc/o Mrs Sheppard, Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria
433HARMES, Alfred Richard20 Hopkins Street, Richmond, Victoria
2070HARRISON, Albert Ernest
447HOARE, John JosephHarvest Home Hotel, Carlton, Victoria
435HODGINS, John33 Wellington Street, Richmond, Victoria
12HOOKE, Leopold John252 Elgin Street, Carlton, Victoria
440HOWDEN, George Thomas18 Clifton Street, Richmond, Victoria
501JAMES, Stanley79 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria
449KING, Thomas Nathaniel191 Franklin Street, Melbourne, Victoria
450KLEEBERGER, Theodore Charles75 Dryburgh Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
2058LENNON, Hughc/o Station Master, Moorabbin, Victoria
2052LINDSAY, Charles HenryGoldsmith Street, Hamilton, Victoria
452MAHER, Patrick42 North Street, Richmond,Vic
453MAHONEY, Martin25 Vic Parade, East Melbourne, Victoria
454MARCHAM, Thomas34 Park Grove, Burnley, Victoria
393MARTIN, Roy Gladstone119 Gwynne Street, Richmond, Victoria
2006McCONVILLE, Vincent256 Bridport Street, Albert Park, Victoria
462McDONALD, Neil415 Burnley Street, Burnley, Victoria
461McMAHON, Edward49 Powell Street, Yarraville, Victoria
457MEYER, Archibald52 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria
395MONCRIEFF, George40 Charlotte Street, Richmond, Victoria
2057MUNRO, Robert HughGladstone House, Victoria Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
464MURPHY, Sydney Charles244 Burnley Street, Burnley, Victoria
459MYNARD, CharlesGarfield, Gippsland, Victoria
2053NEWCOMBE, Henry Albert26 Madden Grove, Burnley, Victoria
2068NIXON, Edward
465NOLAN, Lawrence18? Gipps Street, Abbotsford, Vr Ctorr A
466O'CONNOR, Daniel1 Dirburgh Street, West Melbourne, Victoria
2071OSBORNE, Joseph Charles
467POWELL, Herbert34 Evandale Road, Hawthorn, Victoria
469QUIXLEY, Charles Valentine76 Stawell Street, Burnley, Victoria
470RAVEN, George8 Docker Street, Richmond, Victoria
475REED, Ernest WilliamMetropole Hotel, Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria
396RENEHAN, Frank FaeyKingston Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria
472ROBBIE, Alex Keith378 Victoria Street, Richmond, Victoria
473ROBINSON, John WilliamL8 Stawell Street, Richmond, Victoria
2010ROONEY, John Joseph22 Sackville Street, Collingwood, Victoria
389ROSS, James ForbesAparima, Hampton Road, Brighton, Victoria
471ROWDEN, George26 Robinson Road, Hawthorn, Victoria
474RUDDOCK, William Joseph Marshall100 Capel Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
RYAN, Michael BernardArcadia, 19 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria
623SCOTT, John Arthur
476SLATER, EdgarPolice Station, Hawthorn, Victoria
480SMITH, Albert Edward148 Canning Street, Carlton, Victoria
479STEPHENS, William32 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
477STEVENS, Gerard85 Egan Street, Richmond, Victoria
478SWINTON, Thomas Trowbridge86 Station Street, Carlton, Victoria
2005TAYLOR, Frederick Charles210 McKillop Street, East Geelong, Victoria
482TAYSOM, Andrew Colin9 Dickens Street, Richmond, Victoria
481TAYSOM, James Forbes9 Dickens Street, Richmond, Victoria
388THUNDER, Albert William36 Invermay Grove, South Auburn, Victoria
484TOWNSEND, William Edward56 Gibdon Street, Burnley, Victoria
485TROTT, JosephRichmond Coffee Palace, Richmond, Victoria
486TURNBULL, Harry Henry85 Powlett Street, East Melbourne, Victoria
488TWIGG, Reginald Ernest483 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria
496WALL, Henry Charles89 Richmond Terrace, Richmond, Victoria
490WALTON, Charles Thomas43 Stevenson Street, Richmond, Victoria
493WARD, Harold Thomas106 Leveson Street, North Melbourne, Victoria
494WARNE, William Henry27 Egan Street, Richmond, Victoria
2009WEBBER, George PatrickRichmond House, Richmond, Victoria
492WHITELAW, LoftusKew Cemetery, Victoria
491WOOD, Charles HedleyBowen Derra, 16 Kooyong Road, Hawthorn, Victoria

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