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Machine Gun Company 3, Reinforcement 2

AWM Roll number: 24/8/3

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board RMS Mooltan on 12 April 1916

231ANTHONY, MartinBrisbane, Queensland
232ARMSTRONG, Joseph StephenBrisbane, Queensland
235COBBING, John Herbert EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
234COSTELLO, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
233CULLEN, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
236DUNNING, William ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
238FAUNCE, Thomas BowmanBrisbane, Queensland
237FLEMING, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
239GAILEY, Joseph WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
240HARDING, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
241HENNESSEY, Thomas MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
242LEA, Thomas HenryBrisbane, Queensland
243LIGHTFOOT, Richard ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
244MILLER, Edward JohnBrisbane, Queensland
245NORRIS, Francis HornsbyBrisbane, Queensland
246RONALD, Benjamin CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
247SHIRLOW, William JamesBrisbane, Queensland
248TURNER, JosephBrisbane, Queensland
252WEBB, JackBrisbane, Queensland
250WILLIAMS, John EliasBrisbane, Queensland
249WILSON, MatthewBrisbane, Queensland
251WYATT, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland

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