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1st Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/18/2

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMATA49 Seang Choon on 11 February 1915

1510ADAM, Robert
1509ALLAN, Douglas Fraser
1511ALLPORT, Charles Ernest
1512ARMITAGE, FrederickCarry Road, Fairfield, New South Wales
1648ASTER, Johnc/o Mrs Toby, 50 Princes Street, Sydney, New South Wales
1526BAKER, Reginald John Charles
1521BARKER, Herbert George21 Green Road, Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales
1520BEGGS, RichardPark Street, North Hill, Forbes, New South Wales
1513BERTRAM, Beryl Heilderstrom de MonstratMyrtle Maize, Beach Road, Dulwich Hill, New South Wales
1519BEST, Georgec/o G C Gordon, South Wyalong, New South Wales
1515BIDMEAD, Thomas Henry
1523BOYER, Brinley Richard
1555BROWN, William Johnc/o Mrs Roberts, Pittwater Road, St Ives, Pymble, New South Wales
1659BURNETT, John
BURNS, ThomasGlesca, Hopetown Street, Hurlstone Park, New South Wales
1518BURROWS, Albert FrederickOld Dunbar Hotel, Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales
1525BUTCHER, George
1661CAHILL, Alexander Michael
1660CANDLISH, Willlam Graham
1445CARMICHAEL, Roy Albert
1533CHIDLEY, Edwardc/o Mrs Sutter, Springfield, Darlinghurst Road, Sydney, New South Wales
1529.CHILTON, Thomas William
1527COLLINS, Daniel16 Fisher Street, Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales
1554COPELAND, John
1536CORRIGAN, William James
1530COSSEY, William
1532CROWHURST, James Harry
CUNNINGHAM, Royston Kingsborough
1541DOERING, Williamc/o J King, 14 Moor Street, Sydney, New South Wales
1655DOIG, George Fleming
1670DONALD, John
1665DONNELLY, Stephen Vincent
1540DOUGLAS, Herbert Charles
1537DOWNING, George Patrick
1539DRIVER, William
1538DUNCAN, William
1542ENTWHISTLE, William Charles
1543EVANS, Thomas Richardc/o G T Ross, Bingara, New South Wales
1506FARCHY, Lazare
1662FITZROY, James
1547FOGARTY, Patrick
1383FOSTER, William Edward
1545FOSTER, William Edward
1546FOX, Israel
1507FRANKLIN, Harry
1544FRENCH, Joseph129 Victoria Road, Marrickville, New South Wales
1556GALLAGHER, Francis Edward
1649GLACKENS, Chester Morris
1552GORMAN, Joseph137 Fenwick Street, North Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria
1555AGREVILLE, Ernest Theophilus
1666GRIBBLE, John Wriede BulmerGosford, New South Wales
1548GRIFFITHS, Edward Ernest
1554GUTHRIDGE, Harry
1656HAIGH, Edwin Ernest
1561HALDANE, Douglas
1663HARDING, Joseph Bernard
1558HECKER, William HenryCecil Street, Benalla, Victoria
1560HIGGS, William James
1562HILL, James Alexander
1559HOBSON, Edward
1564HOCKINGS, Norman Victor
1563HUCKLE, GeorgeMargaret Street, Kogarah, New South Wales
1566JACOB, Gerald Reginald Cecil
1567JENKINS, Thomas Witton
1568JOHNSON, Cedric
1565JOHNSON, Hackleton Matthews
1569JOHNSTON, Irvine Cedric
1502JUDD, Edward William
1572KELLER, George
1570KING, Brian Leslie
1571KINROSS, Kenneth158 Queen Street, Woollahra, New South Wales
1573LAFFAN, EdwardTweed Heads, New South Wales
1582LAHZ, Roy
1664LAMBERT, Francis
1580LAMOND, Sidney
1578LAWTON, Rowland6 Shepard Street, Sydney, New South Wales
1575LEAVER, William
1581LITTLEWOOD, Thompson Herbert
1650LLOYD, James
1576LOBB, Joseph
1579LOWE, James Joseph
1669MAHANEY, FrederickKembla Street, Wollongong, New South Wales
1587MAHER, John
1586MARKS, Alfred
1598MARSHALL, Robert79 Underwood Street, Paddington, New South Wales
1508MAYNE, William
1596McAULAY, James Risk
1585McCALLUM, Stanley
1583McCARTHY, William SydneyP.O. Young, New South Wales
1588McDONALD, George
1593McDONALD, Sydney Percy
1584McDONOGH, John Francis
1592McDOWELL, JohnRegent Street ,Sydney, New South Wales
1501MEADE, Arthur Stuart233 Lambert Street, Bathurst, New South Wales
1597MONTGOMERY, Ernest Samuel
1504MOREL, George Edward
1590MULLINS, Phillip,
1595MUNRO, William
1591MUSGROVE, WalterWhittington, Margaret Street, Kogarah, New South Wales
1600NEWTON, Edward Thomas
1602NICHOLLS, William John
1601NORMAN, John
1599NORTHOVER, Albert James
1605O'CONNOR, Michael
1606O'DONNELL, James Charles
1604OLIVE, Richard TownsendG.P.O. Glebe, New South Wales
1454PARK, Albert *
1614PARK, Albert
1608PARKER, Erroll Alexander
1613PERCY, Athol
1607PORTER, Norman
1610PRIOR, Walter
1609PROTHERO, Frederick Albert
1618RANKIN, John
1504RENEHAN, Anthony Thomas
1617RENEHAN, Anthony Thomas
1668RIBOT, George8 Church Street, Balmain, New South Wales
1620RIDLEY, Frank
1616RILEY, Frederick Francis
1615ROGERS, Edwiard
1621RYAN, Hector
1622RYAN, William
1824SCALDWELL, Thomas Williamc/o Mr Trott, Spring Street, Arncliffe, New South Wales
1667SCOTT, RobertBedford Street, Willoughby, New South Wales
1627SIDEBOTHAM, William
1631SMITH, Charlesc/o Mrs H F Clarke, Tasmania
1651SMITH, James Peter
1628SMITH, Walter William John
1623STAINTON, Samuel Gill
1629STAINTON, William Edward
1652STEVENSON, James
1825STEWART, Charles
1658SURDIVALL, Robert ClarenceGPO, Sydney, New South Wales
1630SUTHERS, Albert
1637TAYLOR, William John
1653THOMAS, Alexander
1635THOMPSON, Edward
1638THOMPSON, George
1632TIMBERLY, Charles
1505TITTERTON, Gordon Hadley *
1505TITTERTON, Gordon Hadley
1633TOWNSEND, Austin Charles
1636TURNBULL, Oliver Edwin
1634TURNER, Phillip
1639VILLIERS, Albert Auril
1641WALKER, John Edwin
1657WALLACE, Henry Robert
1645WEBSTER, John
1654WESTBURY, John
1643WHITNEY, Henry
1642WILESMITH, Ernest
1646WILSON, John Michael
1644WITTER, John
1647YATES, Harold

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