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25th Battalion, 11th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/42/3

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT Star of Victoria on 31 March 1916

4355ABRAHAM, Eric KingsleyBoonah, Queensland
4362ADAMS, Cecil Thomas16 Alma Street, Rockhampton, Queensland
4356ALFORD, Robert DudleyLogan Village, South Coast Line, Queensland
4363ALVIN, Walter JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4365AMOS, Angus CharlesHarwood Island, Clarence River, New South Wales
4359ANDERSEN, Jacob NeilsonSaw miller, Esk, Queensland
4358ANDREWS, Bertie ReginaldMa Ma Creek, Grantham, Queensland
4357ANDREWS, James MartinMa Ma Creek, Grantham, Queensland
4360ARNOLD, Peter LawrenceYerra, Gayndah Line, Queensland
4364ASHMORE, William HughMacattas Corner, Dalby, Queensland
4361ATKIN, Thomas HughesChinchilla, Queensland
4384BAKER, Sydney17 The Green, Twickenham, London E, England
4370BARNETT, Francis Henry GeorgeWarwick, Queensland
4386BARRY, John LeoLawrence, Clarence River, New South Wales
4374BASE, GeorgeToowoomba, Queensland
4387BECKHAM, Albert ErnestLismore, New South Wales
4380BEIL, Herbert JacobWarwick, Queensland
4379BEIL, MarmadukeWarwick, Queensland
4371BELL, Alexander JohnWarwick, Queensland
4381BELL, Thomas HenryBrigalow via Chinchilla, Queensland
4383BENNETT, Arthur EdwardMontague Road, West End, South Brisbane, Queensland
4376BISHOP, Daniel JosephRockhampton, Queensland
4378BLANK, NormanEsk, Queensland
4389BOLAND, Robert JamesMurwillumbah, New South Wales
4385BOWLER, GeorgeOxley, North Brisbane, Queensland
4372BRANDON, Frederick ChristopherAllora, Queensland
4375BROUGH, JamesIpswich, Queensland
4377BROUGH, Norman AlexanderIpswich, Queensland
4391BROWN, George RobertLismore, New South Wales
4366BROWN, Stewart GordonChinchilla, Queensland
4388BROWN, William Robert GriersonToowoomba, Queensland
4368BUCKINGHAM, WilliamBaupre, Tiaro, Queensland
4367BURCHER, Frank HaroldLorenworth, Corinda, Queensland
4382BURRIDGE, William ThomasGaeta via Gin Gin, Queensland
4373BURTON, James LeonardGreenmount, Queensland
4398CAHILL, Michael PatrickLaidley, Queensland
4405CALLAGHAN, Alfred ErnestDalby, Queensland
4415CAMERON, William WingateWarwick, Queensland
4402CANNON, Gordon StanleyEsk, Queensland
4401CANNON, Robert CharlesEsk, Queensland
4412CARLTON, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4404CARROLL, Edward MichaelLismore, New South Wales
4414CASTLE, Henry FisherLismore, New South Wales
4400CHARLTON, LeighEumara, Maleny, Landsborough, Queensland
4413CLARK, AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
4396CLARK, Stanley JamesWarwick, Queensland
4574CLIFFORD, JamesBrisbane
4407COKLEY, JohnMaleny, Queensland
4403COLE, Cyril GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4406COLLINGWOOD, Arthur HenryBrisbane, Queensland
4408COLLINS, Leslie ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4397CORBY, Samuel JamesWarwick, Queensland
4399COSSTICK, Thomas EdwinRockhampton, Queensland
4410COULL, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
4395COYTE, EdwardCharter Towers, Queensland
4411CROWE, Samuel JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4393CUNNINGHAM, AlfredTiaro, Queensland
4392CUNNINGHAM, Collin EdgarTiaro, Queensland
4394CUNNINGHAM, Leslie AllanTiaro, Queensland
4419DAITH, DavidBanana, Queensland
4418DALY, PatrickRosewood, Queensland
4424DAVEY, Percy CyrilBrisbane, Queensland
4425DEVITT, Francis PatrickWarwick, Queensland
4427DOBE, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4422DODDS, Richard SydneyMurwillumbah, New South Wales
4420DOOLAN, MichaelRockhampton, Queensland
4421DOWNS, RobertBarcaldine, Queensland
4429EASTELL, SydneyBrisbane, Queensland
4428EDMONDS, Thomas ChristmasWarwick, Queensland
4432FAIRLEY, Frederick HenryIpswich, Queensland
4431FITZGERALD, Patrick JamesWarwick, Queensland
4438FLANNAGAN, Thomas WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4433FLOWER, Montague EdwardRockhampton, Queensland
4436FOLLETT, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4430FOSTER, AllanAlderly, Queensland
4435FRANCIS, Algernon CedricBrisbane, Queensland
4437FUGE, James HenryBrisbane, Queensland
4434FULLER, Henry Walter EdCooktown, Queensland
4444GARVEY, Harry HosephWarwick, Queensland
4446GEARN, EdwardBundaberg, Queensland
4439GILBRIDE, JohnGreenmount, Queensland
4443GIRTLER, William EdwardWarwick, Queensland
4445GOODWIN, ArchibaldRockhampton, Queensland
4440GOODWIN, Charles ThomasListon near Wilson's Downfall, New South Wales
4448GREEN, Barnes HenryRoma, Queensland
4447GREEN, Powell FrancisRoma, Queensland
4441GREENFIELD, Garnet GeorgeGatton, Queensland
4449GREENWOOD, Alfred WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4455HACKER, Henry JamesLaidley, Queensland
4466HARE, WilliamIpswich, Queensland
4450HARLING, FrederickChinchilla, Queensland
4476HARRIS, Arthur CharlesEudlo, North Coast Line, Queensland
HARRIS, Alfred EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4451HAWKINS, JohnElphinstone, Clifton, Queensland
4452HAWKINS, Thomas EdwardElphinstone, Clifton, Queensland
4460HENRY, William ThomasLismore, New South Wales
4462HERBERT, ThomasToowoomba, Queensland
4459HICK, Harry HowardToowoomba, Queensland
4458HICKS, Lyell CameronMurwillumbah, New South Wales
4464HOMER, Herbert JohnAllwood Street, Coraki, New South Wales
4465HOMER, Walter HenryLismore, New South Wales
4457HOOPER, Stanley MumfordLongreach, Queensland
4463HORTON, Herbert GeorgeClifton, Queensland
4468HOWARD, Clarence William *Brisbane, Queensland
4468HOWARD, Clarence WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4453HUBBARD, HenryGatton, Queensland
HUGHES, Frank DouglasWinton, Queensland
4456HURLEY, James ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
4461HYNES, EdmundToowoomba, Queensland
4469ILLINGWORTH, Arthur David66 St John's Parade, Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales
4470INGRAM, Arthur JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4471INGRAMS, ThomasWarwick, Queensland
4475JAMES, William HenryHarrisville, Queensland
4477JEFFREY, DonaldBrisbane, Queensland
4473JEFFREY, JohnTownsville, Queensland
4478JOHNSON, PatrickLismore, New South Wales
4472JORGENSEN, Adolph HenrickBooie via Kingary, Queensland
4481KEEN, DavidIpswich, Queensland
4482KEMP, SidneyRockhampton, Queensland
4480KENNY, William ThomasIrvinebank, Queensland
4484KINDNESS, Alexander JamesIsedale Street, Wooloowin, Brisbane, Queensland
4483KING, Herbert VictorRockhampton, Queensland
4479KIRK, Lionel ArthurEmma Street, Eagle Junction, Brisbane, Queensland
4485KROPP, Thomas JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4486LANGAN, AmbroseEnoggera, Queensland
4491LAW, GeorgeBowenville, Queensland
4493LAWSON, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4492LENT, William SalisburyCrows Nest, Queensland
4488LEWIS, Frederick William JosephLongreach, Queensland
4575LEWIS, George
4494LEWIS, George WilliamWarwick, Queensland
LUDLOW, Albert FrancisEnoggera, Queensland
4515MACDONALD, John DuncanNess Park, Cawarral, Queensland
4496MACKAY, RobertToowoomba, Queensland
4501MAHAFFEY, AndrewBoonah, Queensland
4505MARRIOTT, WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
4503MARSH, SydneySilkstone, Queensland
4504MAYNARD, William HenryTingoora, Queensland
4518McCABE, EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4572McCAFFERY, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4514McCLUSKEY, Alfred JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4512McDONALD, Harry ArthurBoonah, Queensland
4513McDOUGALL, RonaldToowoomba, Queensland
4500McKENZIE, Norman Leslie AugustusToowoomba, Queensland
4517McKINLEY, JamesToowoomba, Queensland
4510McLAREN, James YoungWarwick, Queensland
4511McMULLIN, RobertToowoomba, Queensland
4516McQUIRK, JohnForest Hill, Queensland
4506MEACHAM, Leslie GlanvilleBarcaldine, Queensland
4498MENEELY, Harold CharlesWarwick, Queensland
4502MESSENGER, Edward PaulBoonah, Queensland
4507MILLS, HarryBrisbane, Queensland
4499MORRIS, Harry AgnewClifton, Queensland
4495MORRISON, Thomas HunterRockhampton, Queensland
4509MUNRO, AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
4508MURRAY, William WallaceBrisbane, Queensland
4520NANKIVELL, Leslie AlbertTownsville, Queensland
4521NASON, Herbert AllanBrisbane, Queensland
4519NORMAN, Augustus HenryTownsville, Queensland
4522O'GRADY, William JamesRockhampton, Queensland
O'HEA, Robert StewartBrisbane, Queensland
4523OLSEN, William ChristianTingoora, Queensland
4525PALMER, Edwin JamesWinton, Queensland
4528PARRY, Oliver JamesWarwick, Queensland
4526PEPPER, George DanielCoorabel, New South Wales
4527POWER, John JamesRed Hill, Mount Morgan, Queensland
4529PRIBE, Harry JohnToowoomba, Queensland
4530QUINN, Michael ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
4531REYNOLDS, DanielToowoomba, Queensland
RICHARDS, William RobertBrisbane, Queensland
4537ROACH, Henry KeithToowoomba, Queensland
4538ROBERTS, George WilliamWarwick, Queensland
4532ROBERTSON, JamesChinchilla, Queensland
4534ROSE, Albert GeorgeToowoomba, Queensland
4533ROSS, George RobertsonGatton, Queensland
4535ROTHER, GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
4536RYAN, George FrederickClifton, Queensland
4543SAWDY, LeslieBrisbane, Queensland
4544SCOTT, John HenryToowoomba, Queensland
4548SHAW, Harold HectorBrisbane, Queensland
4545SIEBENHAUSEN, Clinton GregoryAllora, Queensland
4539SIMPSON, James YoungWarwick, Queensland
4546SKEHAN, Daniel JosephWarwick, Queensland
4547SKINNER, HarryIpswich, Queensland
4541SMITH, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4540SMITH, ReubenToowoomba, Queensland
4542STILLGOE, RupertToowoomba, Queensland
4550TABKE, William FrederickGympie, Queensland
4554THOMAS, Joseph JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4573THOMPSON, William JohnGladstone, Queensland
4555TODD, Frederick GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
4549TUFFLEY, George AlexTownsville, Queensland
4552TURNER, Francis HaroldBoobera, Boggabilla, New South Wales
4556VICCARS, Horace VictorLismore, New South Wales
4566WALKER, Albert HenryPittsworth, Queensland
4567WALKER, Walter Charles LeighOakey, Queensland
4562WARD, Richard JohnToowoomba, Queensland
4558WEYMOUTH, William AlbertYelarbon, Queensland
4568WHALAN, Wilfred NewmanLismore, New South Wales
4564WHANNELL, AlexanderTiaro, Queensland
4563WHEELER, John ArthurChinchilla, Queensland
4557WILLIAMSON, William EdwardTownsville, Queensland
4560WOODLAND, Charles ArthurToowoomba, Queensland
4559WOODS, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
4569YOUNG, Eric ColeBrisbane, Queensland

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