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41st Battalion, Headquarters

AWM Roll number: 23/58/1

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A64 Demosthenes on 18 May 1916

54ABBOTT, William JohnRockhampton, Queensland
39ADAM, Robert JamesBrisbane, Queensland
100ARMSTRONG, WilliamEnoggera, Queensland
27BARNES, WilliamCairns, Queensland
37BAXTER, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
56BELFORD, Charles GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
9BENNETT, ArchibaldBrisbane, Queensland
17BERGAN, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
8BLACKSHAW, Henry AaronCharters Towers, Queensland
40BLAKEY, William StephenCairns, Queensland
BOARD, Frederick JohnsonLismore, New South Wales
70BOX, George AnthonyToowoomba, Queensland
41BURROWS, Sydney Edwin ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
88BYRNE, James GeorgeCairns, Queensland
55BYTH, AndrewBrisbane, Queensland
11CAHILL, ClarenceTownsville, Queensland
28CARTER, Hector GilbertCharters Towers, Queensland
10CHALK, John ThomasCairns, Queensland
25COLE, HenryBrisbane, Queensland
42CONROY, Edward JohnToowoomba, Queensland
57CROMBIE, Lawson JamesBrisbane, Queensland
6DALY, Patrick JosephBrisbane, Queensland
29FITZMAURICE, Lewis GeorgeCairns, Queensland
58FITZNER, Charles FrederickTownsville, Queensland
13FOO, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
12FORREST, JosephTownsville, Queensland
74FORSYTH, HerbertBrisbane, Queensland
FRENCH, Charles William Scott
GILL, John FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
14GODFREY, RoyBrisbane, Queensland
23GORDON, Bernard SidneyTownsville, Queensland
35GRAHAM, Andrew MantonTownsville, Queensland
60HARDINGE, Alfred EdwardTownsville, Queensland
15HAWTHORNE, Samuel StuartTownsville, Queensland
61HEAD, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
43HENDRY, JamesToowoomba, Queensland
HILL, Gordon Fitz
16HINCH, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
30HINE, Joseph WilliamTownsville, Queensland
3HITCHCOCK, Lawrence GouldTownsville, Queensland
24HUNTER, William PhilipCairns, Queensland
7ILLING, Frederick SidneyBrisbane, Queensland
22JACKSON, Robert Sidney CliffordBrisbane, Queensland
71JONES, Robert HaydenTownsville, Queensland
51JONES, Will SholtoCharters Towers, Queensland
44KEITH, Frederick LowBrisbane, Queensland
32KELSO, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
45KERLIN, Harrison AubreyRockhampton, Queensland
31KIRKMAN, Henry GeorgeCairns, Queensland
5LARKIN, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
18MARTIN, Robert BoxBrisbane, Queensland
59MASON, Bertram McLeodBrisbane, Queensland
72MASON, William EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
62McGILVRAY, Peter Robert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2McNAMARA, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
19McPHERSON, Angus John SmithTownsville, Queensland
1MILLER, Thomas HenryBrisbane, Queensland
MILNE, John AlexanderBundaberg, Queensland
33MORRIS, Arthur LlewelynCairns, Queensland
46NELSON, AlexanderCharters Towers, Queensland
77OLDMEADOWS, Howard ElliottBrisbane, Queensland
47OLLSON, Charles Michael LincolnCharters Towers, Queensland
73PALMER, Francis JamesBrisbane, Queensland
21PARKE, Proctor Fiskin HalketCairns, Queensland
48PHELAN, MichaelTownsville, Queensland
4PHILLIPS, JohnTownsville, Queensland
63PICKSTONE, JosephToowoomba, Queensland
64PURCHASE, AzariahBrisbane, Queensland
36RAMM, Peter AndrewBrisbane, Queensland
68RIORDAN, WilliamLismore, New South Wales
67SCHEMALLECK, LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
49SHEEHAN, WilliamMitchell, Queensland
34SHEPPARD, William OliverCairns, Queensland
38SMITH, WilliamCharleville, Queensland
26SORENSON, John AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
52STOYLE, Jack BickbyRockhampton, Queensland
53WATSON, Thomas JohnTownsville, Queensland
20WEATHERHEAD, FrankTownsville, Queensland
76WHITE, HerbertRockhampton, Queensland
65WHITECROSS, Alexander SinclairBrisbane, Queensland
66WHITECROSS, William McFarlaneBrisbane, Queensland
69WILLIAMS, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
50WILSON, Francis GeraldBrisbane, Queensland
78WOOD, Ernest WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
WOOD, Reginald Rhodes
75YULE, Andrew Chisolm DrysdaleBrisbane, Queensland

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