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8th Field Ambulance, Section A

Notes: From Embarkation Rolls it is not possible to distinguish the embarkation details of individual officers and men: 6 officers and 156 others embarked on HMAT A11 'Ascanius' from Melbourne on 10 November 1915; 1 officer and 50 others embarked on HMAT A58 'Kabringa' from Melbourne on 8 November 1915; 1 officer and 16 others embarked on HMAT A2 'Geelong' from Adelaide on 12 November 1915; 1 officer and 4 others embarked on HMAT A13 'Katuna' from Adelaide on 9 November 1915; and

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6606ADAMS, Alan Cecilc/o C F Robinson, Pound Hill, Casino, New South Wales
6777ALLSOP, Wilfred Joseph Allen'Arrabury', Briersley Street, Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales
6608ASPINALL, Brian Cyrilc/o Mrs Mary Nott, 56 York Street, Sydney, New South Wales
6610BAYLISS, Henry Bonfield'Goonigul', Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
6611BERRY, Herbert VincentNorth Road, Gladesville, New South Wales
6612BLANTON, Clarence SydneyInverness Avenue, Penshurst, New South Wales
6613BLYTON, Alfred HenryEastern Creek, via Blacktown, New South Wales
6614BRADY, Vincent John Joseph'St Helens', Bondi Road, Waverley, New South Wales
6615BURDON, WilliamRabbit Island, Hawkesbury River, New South Wales
6616CALF, Edwin Ernest137 Underwood Street, Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales
6617CLARK, Walter Wallace19 Hargreave Lane, Paddington, New South Wales
6703COLLER, K Eustacec/o A T Mowbray, Carlingford, Sydney, New South Wales
6618COLLEY-PRIEST, Langford Wellman'Baremar', Sutherland Street, Neutral Bay, Sydney, New South Wales
6619CONNELL, Joseph Ignatius47 College Street, Drummoyne, Sydney, New South Wales
6704CONOLLY, Vernon Russell'Bulwarra', Goulburn, New South Wales
6762COOPER, Arthur Wilson65 Macleay Street, Sydney, New South Wales
6620COXON, Nicholas Vivian2 Edinburgh Road, Marrickville, Sydney, New South Wales
6621CROME, Raymond RudolphHolborrow Street, Croydon, New South Wales
6764DAWSON, Charles McLeanMidson Road, Epping, Sydney, New South Wales
6622DUNDAS, Claude HaroldP O Narromine, Narromine, New South Wales
6686EGAN, Stephen BenedictIcely Street, Carcoar, New South Wales
6623FISCHER, Harry55 Alice Street, Newtown, New South Wales
6624FOOTT, Leslie Mervyn98 Bligh Street, Newtown, New South Wales
6625GAMBLE, William342 Elizabeth Street, Zetland, New South Wales
6626GILLIES, Malcolm'Valetta', Shadler Street, Neutral Bay, New South Wales
6627GROVER, Edward Harold'Hopwood', Glen Innes, New South Wales
6625AHALL, Charles Raymond'Ashleigh', Kogarah Road, Kogarah, New South Wales
6629HANCOCK, Reginald Charles91 Thompson Street, Drummoyne, Sydney, New South Wales
6630HAND, George Guestc/o T G Hand, Forbes, New South Wales
6632HARGREAVES, Harryc/o C Sneddon, High Street, Waratah, Newcastle, New South Wales
6604HARRIS, Benjamin50 McKean Street, North Fitzroy
6636HASWELL, William Arthurc/o Mrs Troy, 46 Ashmore Street, Erskineville, Sydney, New South Wales
6596HEFFERNAN, Patrick JohnMackenzie Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
6633HENDERSON, Robert Sefton'Clytheroe', Carrington Avenue, Strathfield, Sydney, New South Wales
6634HERFORD, Eric Tasman'Braemar', Bydown Street, Neutral Bay, Sydney, New South Wales
6635HILL, ThomasMowbray Street, Chatswood, New South Wales
IRVING, Harold Alfred CardahSpring Vale, Victoria
6637JEPSON, Frederick Edley406 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, New South Wales
6638KEEP, Alfred ABawen's Road, Kogarah, New South Wales
6639KENNA, Richard JamesOrange, New South Wales
6724KERR, Leslie William258 Grafton Street, Woollahra, New South Wales
6599KING, TomMoncur Street, Marrickville, New South Wales
6641MACDONALD, William Stevenson'The Manse', Alexandria, Victoria
6646MACFADYEN, JohnHavelock Place, Uddingstone, Glasgow, Scotland
6642MARLOW, Manoah13 Stuart Street, Manly, New South Wales
6732MARSHALL, James22 Epping Road, Double Bay, Sydney, New South Wales
6597MATHESON, Albert Hay'Airlee', Market Street, Rockdale, Sydney, New South Wales
6647McCABE, John42 Carey Street, Leichhardt, Sydney, New South Wales
6648McCALLUM, Wilfred21 Steward Street, Paddington, New South Wales
6643MONAGHAN, Reginald Alex SmallridgeFalls Creek, Nowra, New South Wales
6644MORGAN, David HenryPontypool House, Augustus Street, Leichhardt, Sydney, New South Wales
6645MUSMAN, Ernest Gottleib41 Dalton Road, Mosman, New South Wales
NEWELL, John AdrianLaunceston, Tasmania
6672ANISBET, Henry George James41 Terrace Road, Dulwich Hill, New South Wales
6649NIXON, Allen DalrympleMalton Road, Beecroft, Sydney, New South Wales
6650NORRIS, Arthur MurrayMacquarie Street, Windsor, New South Wales
6593NORTH, Robert BellMalton Road, Beecroft, Sydney, New South Wales
6651O'SULLIVAN, William146 Duke Street, Sydney, New South Wales
6652PALMER, Lynton Edward96 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales
6653PATTERSON, MatthewMorangavell, New South Wales
6654PITT, Alfred WilliamPlatt's Avenue, Belmore, New South Wales
6605PLAYFORD, Horace Henry StewartAnn Street, Mayfield, Newcastle, New South Wales
6655POULTON, Alfred ButlerRoseberry Street, Penshurst, New South Wales
6656POWELL, James HughAustral Street, Long Bay, Sydney, New South Wales
6657PRUST, Frederick Henry40 Macpherson Street, Waverley, New South Wales
6658RAYMOND, Charles Leslie'Allunga', Thornleigh, New South Wales
6660REED, Hugh William'Rosedale', North Richmond, New South Wales
6659REED, Robert B'Tasso', 140 Raglan Street, Mosman, New South Wales
6661REX, George JamesGow Street, Central Bankstown, Bankstown, New South Wales
6744RICHARDS, Frederick Arthur115 Blues Point Road, North Sydney, New South Wales
6662ROBERTS, Hector Arthur'St Elmo', Corunna Road, Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales
6663ROBERTS, Hubert Randolph86 Cowper Street, Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales
6603ROBERTS, RobertFairfield, New South Wales
ROBINSON, Frederick WalterRoyal Military College, Duntroon, New South Wales
6601ROEBUCK, Chas Clement256 Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney, New South Wales
6664ROSS, ThomasBourke Street, Zetland, Sydney, New South Wales
6665SAMUELS, Henry James64 Scott Street, Newcastle, New South Wales
6666SAUNDERS, Claude William28 Wells Street, Newtown, New South Wales
6667SAUNDERS, Walter Geoffrey'Recordia', Forest Road, Arncliffe, New South Wales
6668SMALE, Frederick Harold10 Sutton Street, Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales
6669SMITH, Esbert Milton39 Cabramatta Road, Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales
6670STEEL, Thomas Abraham30 Susan Street, Auburn, New South Wales
6763SULLINGS, Clarence Alexander42 Lawson Street, Hamilton, Newcastle, New South Wales
6672TOOMEY, James PercyScott Street, Newcastle, New South Wales
6761TOVEY, William A135 Bridge Road, Glebe Point, Sydney, New South Wales
6673TRONP, RobertBonny Bridge, Stirlingshire, Scotland
6674WALL, Aubrey Allen8 Prospect Street, Summer Hill, New South Wales
6675WATSON, David George Herbert'Rockville', Beaumont Street, Rose Bay, Sydney, New South Wales
6677WHITAKER, Charles Samuel'St Elmo', King Street, Wollstonecraft, North Sydney, New South Wales
6678WILSHIRE, Roy Hungerford'Mooriwarra', Oswald Street, Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales
6776WILSON, James Stanley50 Holden Street, Ashfield, New South Wales
6679WOODWARD, Abraham John149 Dawson Street, Cooks Hills, Newcastle, New South Wales