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On 2 February 1916, the Australian government agreed to form a Third Division in Australia. The Third Division was formed in Australia in March 1916 and it moved to England to train in July 1916. Its commander for most of its war service was the famous Major General John Monash. In December 1916 it moved to France, becoming the last division to do so, taking over part of the "nursery" sector near Armentieres. 

In June 1917 it participated in the Battle of Messines. In October it fought in the Battle of Broodeseinde alongside the veteran First and Second Divisions. On the 12th of October, the Third Division was repulsed at Passchendaele.

In March 1918 the Third Division was rushed to the Somme region to stem the German Offensive there. It clashed repeatedly with the advancing Germans, halting their advance at Morlancourt and Villers Bretonneux.

Holding the high ground north of the Somme River, the Third Division was involved in a series of remarkable exploits of "peaceful penetration" around Sailly-le-Sec.

Later the Third Division fought in the Battles of Hamel, Amiens, Mont Saint Quentin and the Hindenburg Line.





Messines, Broodeseinde, Passchendaele, Amiens, Mont St Quentin, Hindenburg Line








Third Division (France, December 1916)




Third Division (France, September 1918)


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