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The Australian and New Zealand Mounted Division was formed in Egypt in March 1916 from the four Australian and New Zealand mounted brigades assigned to ANZAC. These brigades had fought at Gallipoli as infantry. After the formation of the Australian Mounted Division in June 1917, the division became known as the Anzac Mounted Division.

Even before the division had finished forming, the 1st Light Horse Brigade was sent to the Western Desert to fight the Senussi while the rest of the division moved to the Suez Canal, relieving the 1st Division, which moved to the Western Front. The division soon became involved in raiding the Turkish positions.

An attempt by the Turks to attack the Suez Canal in August 1916 resulted in it being intercepted and defeated by the Australian and New Zealand Mounted Division in the Battle of Romani. The division followed up its victory, pursuing the Turks to the Palestine frontier, capturing major Turkish positions at Magdhaba in December 1916 and Rafah in January 1917.

In March 1917 the division captured Gaza in the First Battle of Gaza but was ordered to withdraw. It played a minor role in the Second Battle of Gaza before participating in the Third, successful Battle of Gaza in October 1917. Afterward it pursued the enemy as far as Jaffa.

In March and again in April 1918, the division made major raids across the Jordan River.

In August 1918, the Anzac Mounted Division participated in the final breakthrough and captured Amman in September 1918, capturing 10,300 prisoners in just nine days.

Units of this division reoccupied Gallipoli in December 1918.





Egypt: Defence of Egypt, Sinai: Romani, Magdhaba, Rafah, Palestine: First Battle of Gaza, Second Battle of Gaza, Third Battle of Gaza, Beersheba,Jerusalem, Jericho, Es Salt, Megiddo, Amman


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