Line of Communications Troops

Line of Communications troops provided services which kept the combat troops in the field.



Line of Communications Troops
during the Gallipoli Campaign


  • Australian Intermediate Base Depot Cairo, Egypt
  • Australian and New Zealand Overseas Base Depot Alexandria, Egypt
  • Australian and New Zealand Training Depot Zeitoun, Egypt
  • Australian Section, 3rd Echelon, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force Alexandria, Egypt
  • 1st Siege Brigade England
  • 1st,2nd Siege Batteries England
  • Mesopotamia Half Flight Iraq
  • Royal Australian Navy Bridging Train Suvla
  • 1st,2nd,3rd Auxiliary Hospitals Heliopolis, Egypt
  • 4th,5th,6th Auxiliary Hospitals England
  • 1st Casualty Clearing Station Anzac
  • 1st General Hospital Heliopolis, Egypt
  • 2nd General Hospital Ghezireh, Egypt
  • 3rd General Hospital Mudros
  • 10th General Hospital England
  • 1st, 2nd Stationary Hospitals Mudros
  • 1st,2nd Remount Units Maadi,Egypt
  • 8th,9th Army Service Corps Companies England
  • 10th Army Service Corps Company Alexandria, Egypt
  • 11th Army Service Corps Company Anzac
  • 1st, 2nd Depot Units of Supply Anzac
  • 1st Railhead Supply Detachment Anzac
  • 13th Army Service Corps Company Imbros
  • 1st Field Butchery Imbros
  • 1st Field Bakery Imbros
  • 1st Veterinary Section Heliopolis, Egypt
  • 2nd Veterinary Section Maadi, Egypt
  • 1st Mobile Veterinary Section Maadi, Egypt
  • 2nd Mobile Veterinary Section Zeitoun, Egypt 


    Miscellaneous Units in France (March 1918)


    Miscellaneous Units in England (March 1918)



    Miscellaneous Units in Egypt and Palestine
    (July 1918)


    Miscellaneous Units in Iraq and Iran (July 1918)

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