First AIF
Order of Battle

This document is intended to provide a reference tool for the reader or researcher of Australian military history and for the genealogist. It lists the units and formations of the First AIF along with information about them including where they were raised, when they departed Australia and where they served.

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General Officers of the First AIF
Biographies of the generals of the First AIF

Looking up a relative who served in the First AIF
Some advice from the Australian War Memorial on looking up relatives.

About the units of the First AIF
A description of the way in which units of the First AIF were formed.

About the entries in this Order of Battle
How to read the Order of Battle.

About the Campaigns of the First AIF
Some information about where the First AIF fought.

Recent Updates
Latest changes to the Order of Battle

My Thesis
Read my MA (Hons) thesis on the Interplay between Technology, Tactics and Organisation in the First AIF

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About the Author
Some information about myself.

Where the information in the Order of Battle was obtained from.

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About the author

Ross Mallett hails from Melbourne, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne, a Master of Business Administration from Monash University and a Master of Arts (Hons) from the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra, submitting a thesis on Military Technology and the Australian Army in World War One. Ross toured the AIF battlefields in Europe in 1995. This Order of Battle was prepared while gathering material for his thesis.

Ross lives in Canberra where he works as a software engineer.

He can be contacted at:

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