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Public Documents

The other principal sources were the Australian War Memorial Organisation File (AWM25/721) and the Australian War Memorial collection of War Diaries. The War Memorial has a bound collection of the AIF Orders. It also has a list of ship departures, these are the source of the embarkation notes.

The Australian Archives Commonwealth Record Series (CRS) File B539 files are referred to below simply as AIF.



Shoulder patches are reproduced from Bean:III:967-969. The display includes at least one "ghost" or never formed unit, the 5th Machine Gun Squadron. It is possible that the patches were actually specified or even produced even though the unit was not formed. For more details on shoulder patches, see Glyde.

Sources of reinforcements: AWM25 839/1, 839/15. The shipping details come from a folder in the AWM used as an index to the Embarkation Rolls. This is typewritten, with numerous corrections pencilled in.

Formation of divisions. Formation of 2nd Division: Bean II:419-423, 805-807, AIF264/1/168 . Formation of 3rd Division AIF264/1/101. Formation of 4th and 5th Divisions: AWM25 721/3, AIF264/1/176. 6th Division organisation: Bean III:968, Lindsay:33-37, 6th Division War Diaries, AWM4.


Armoured Cars

History of the First Armoured Car Section AWM224 MSS 209



Organisation of Field Artillery 1914-18: Bean:V:681-682. Brigade Ammunition Columns amalgamated to form Divisional Ammunition Columns: AWM25 721/43. Organisation and equipment of 1st Heavy Battery: War Diary, 1st Heavy Battery, AWM4. Formation of Siege Brigade: AIF24/4/59, composition and equipment: AWM224 MSS686. 338th Siege Battery formed: AIF Order 410, broken up and 54th and 55th Batteries reorganised: Bean IV:746. Bean:I:58 says that the 1st Permanent Battery of the Royal Australian Field Artillery "became the 1st Battery of the artillery of the AIF" but Cubis:125 says that it was formed from permanent members of the 1st,2nd and 3rd Batteries of the Royal Australian Field Artillery. The staff lists support Cubis. Medium Trench Mortar Batteries: Gower:58, AWM25 973/2,5,6, AIF Order 1094. Heavy Trench Mortar Batteries: AWM25 721/41 973/5, 6. Formation of 116th,117th,118th,119th,120th Howitzer Batteries: AIF 24/7/26. Formation of Army Brigades and Brigade Ammunition Columns, AIF264/1/259. Reorganisation of Howitzer Batteries: War Diaries of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Division Artilleries, AWM4



Formation of 1st,2nd,3rd,4th Squadrons: Cutlack VIII:421-5. 1st Squadron equipped with Be2s: Cutlack VIII: 399, with Martinsydes: Cutlack VIII: 404; with RE8s: Cutlack VIII: 76. 2nd Squadron equipped with DH5s Cutlack VIII:178; reequipped with SE5s, December 1917: Cutlack VIII: 196. 3rd Squadron equipped with RE8s: Cutlack VIII:400. 4th Squadron equipped with Sopwith Camels: Cutlack VIII:407; with Sopwith Snipes, October 1918: Cutlack VIII:408. 5th,6th,7th,8th (Training) Squadrons, 1st Wing, 1st Repair Section: War Diaries.



Full order of battle of Engineer units can be found in McNicoll:164-167. Formation of Mining Corps AIF143/2/1. 5th Field Company renamed 8th Field Company: AIF Order 57



16th, 17th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th Machinegun Companies: War Diaries, AWM4. Trench mortar batteries: Bean:III:90. Training Units: AWM25 721/80, 839/9


Light Horse

Perry:49-56, AWM25 721/15. Training Regiments: AWM25 937/2. Formation of Double Squadrons AIF264/1/212, AIF Order 219. Disbanding of double squadrons: AIF 264/1/229. Formation of 14th Light Horse and 3rd Cyclist Company: AIF 264/1/233, AIF 24/7/2. Reformation of 13th Light Horse Regiment: AIF 264/1/233. Formation of Camel Regiments AIF 264/1/257, 264/1/229. Formation of 7th and 18th Camel Companies: ICC Brigade War Diary AWM4.


Line of Communications Units

Corps Troops, Miscellaneous Troops in England and France, April 1918: AWM25 721/15, 721/80. Command Depots: Bean:III:170-171.


Machine Guns

Machine gun battalions formed: AIF Order 1151



Formation of 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th Field Ambulances: AWM25 721/3. Full order of battle of hospitals: AIF 239/8/133. Auxiliary Hospitals: AIF Order 367. Sanitary Sections: AIF Order 67, 216 Dental Units, Order of Battle AWM41. Complete Order of Battle of Dental Units was assembled from AIF Orders. As each unit contained one dentist, the details of his posting described the unit as well.



Formation of Mobile Workshops: AWM25 719/10. Formation of Ordnance Ammunition Units: 2nd Ammunition Unit War Diary, AWM4.



1st to 5th Salvage Companies formation: Bean III:90. I Anzac Corps Salvage Section formed: AIF Order 451, 452



Mechanical Transport Service: Bean III:115. Australian Army Service Corps Order of Battle: Lindsay:33-37. 1st Employment Company: AWM25 721/79. I Anzac Corps Ammunition Park: AIF Orders 33, 55. Anzac Tramway Service: AIF Orders 39, 56



1st Veterinary Evacuation Station: War Diary AWM4. 1st Veterinary Hospital: War Diary AWM4. Mobile Veterinary Sections: AWM25 721/15. 9th Mobile Veterinary Section formed AIF 264/1/256



Main Armoured Cars Artillery Aviation Base Depots Dental Engineers Infantry Machine Gun Mounted Medical Ordnance Pioneers Salvage Service Veterinary

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