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The purpose of the gift is to support activities carried out by the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society (ACSACS), with particular focus on the AIF Database.

The UNSW Canberra First AIF database is a comprehensive record of the 330,000 men of the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) who served overseas during the Great War of 1914-18. The database is the nation’s premier resource for biographical information on those who served, the units in which they served, the awards and honours they received, the illnesses and injuries they sustained and the places to which they returned after the war. It draws together data from at least five official sources and presents a highly textured picture of the men who served and the fate that befell them.

Donations to the UNSW Canberra “AIF Project” will allow the database to be expanded to include elements such as additional record fields, new sources of official information, the inclusion of photographs and other descriptive material, and maintenance of the software supporting the website that makes the data accessible to researchers across the country. Contributions from the public will also allow the employment of additional staff to correct and enhance the database and the existing entries.

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