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Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery, France

Following the careful research and passionate advocacy of a Melbourne school teacher, Lambis Englezos, the Australian Army undertook to organise a detailed search of the site where evidence pointed to the existence of a mass grave established by the German Army to bury Australian and British dead from the Battle of Fromelles, 19-20 July 1916. Between May and September 2009, Oxford Archaeology recovered 250 sets of remains from the site; each was interred in a separate grave in the newly built Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery. A combination of forensic archaeology, archival research and DNA testing resulted in the identification of 97 Australian soldiers, who now have named headstones. The search for relatives goes on, and it is hoped that further identifications may be possible as family members come forward. The Cemetery was formally dedicated on 19 July 2010. Listed below are the 97 Australians so far identified.
1968ARNOTT, Colin Henry
4254BALKIN, Michael
3031BARRETT, Rossitter Alfred
1602BENNETT, Allan
840BENSON, George Verner
3761BISHOP, Raymond Charles
3009BOLT, Herbert Thomas
1682BOURKE, Harold John
1470BRUMM, Norman Leslie
1226BURNEY, Edward Nason
16BURNS, Robert David
CHINNER, Eric Harding
3168CLINGAN, Alexander Stanley
2011CORIGLIANO, Maurice
2150COSGRIFF, Thomas Joseph
4179CRESSY, Henry Alfred
2006CROFT, George
2010CROKER, Harry
3032CUCKSON, William Joseph
623CULLEN, William
3047DEWAR, Robert Arthur
4183DIBBEN, Edwin Henry
4483DUNSTAN, Benedict John Arthur
3560DYSON, Fred Arthur
391ESAM, Harold
3060FAHEY, Patrick William
80FARLOW, Samuel
882FENWICK, Robert Gladstone
1274GREEN, Robert Courtney
1276GRIFFITHS, Gilbert Allen
702HALE, Norman Arthur
4509HARRIOTT, Laurence
865HART, Leslie William
188HAWCROFT, Charles Henry
196HIGGINS, William Bruce
4801HOLLIDAY, Clifford Dawson
955HOLMES, Arnold
4807IRVIN, David George
1528IRVING, Allan William James
3347JAMES, Frederick
3331JENTSCH, Ernest Augustus
4315JOHNSTON, Cyril Donald
365KENDALL, Hassall Marsden Harding
126LAWLOR, Daniel Michael
4840LEISTER, Leslie
1168LIVINGSTON, David Frederick
2064LOADER, Frank Oliver
467LUCRE, George Henry
2873MAYER, Henry
3194McDOWELL, Athol Halliday
1797AMcKENZIE, Alexander McGregor
293McLEAN, Hugh
3282MOMPLHAIT, Alfred Victor
3393MOORE, William
3366MOREY, Gilbert Major
2055MORGAN, Cecil
258MORLEY, John
269NEVILL, Joseph Harold
NORRIS, Ignatius B
2906PAGAN, George
572PARKER, John
320PARRY, Frederick
161PFLAUM, Raymond Holstein
2462PHEASANT, Walter
595PITT, Harold Charles
324POLLARD, Herbert George
3099PRATT, Albert Ernest
1556PRETTY, Walter Hainsworth
1558RANDALL, Howard James
916RAWLINGS, Frederick
335REID, James Alexander
1036RIDLER, Samuel James Thomas
3102RONSON, William
1216ROSS, James Hugh
1520RYAN, William Polding
SAMPSON, Victor Horatio Buller
1046SCOTT, Robert Grieve Moncrieff
1516SIMON, Victor George
4614SPENCE, Malcolm
2898STALGIS, Gregory Francis
187STEAD, Joseph Raymond
755STEED, Frank
1623TISBURY, Charles Frederick
1581TUCKER, William Charles
767TURNER, John
777VINCENT, Lawrence Stanley
4617WALLIS, Joseph Patrick
2910WEBB, Thomas Richard
358WEIR, Arthur Joseph
1888WILDMAN, Reginald Raymond
1314WILKIN, Ernest Frank
983WILLIS, Henry Victor
4887WILSON, Eric Robert
3534WILSON, Samuel Charles

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