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26th Battalion, 10th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/43/3

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A73 Commonwealth on 28 March 1916

4074AHCHAY, Nathanielc/o Mrs W E Brennan, Calliope, Queensland
4069ALLARD, CharlesTweed River, Burringbar, New South Wales
4073ANDERSON, Charles WilliamTintenbar via Alstonville, New South Wales
4070ARCHER, Francis MervinSouthbrook, Queensland
4256ARNOLD, John Danielc/o Rev. Cecil Edwards, Holy Trinity Rectory, Sth., Brisbane, Queensland
4072AULIFF, Herbert TrevorBerry, New South Wales
4980BAILEY, Walter WilliamBacon Street, North Grafton, New South Wales
4250BAIN, AlexanderGoondiwindi, Queensland
4101BAIN, William ThomasRockhampton, Queensland
4091BALL, HughMaryborough, Queensland
4241BAMBLING, GeorgeGunalda via Gympie, Queensland
4090BARRIE, Herbert HoraceBrisbane, Queensland
4238BEATON, Angus HamiltonPalmers Island, Clarence River, New South Wales
4075BENTLEY, Charles Cecil WrenMolesworth Street, Lismore, New South Wales
4094BEST, Albert WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4095BEXFIELD, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4083BIDDLE, Leslie HerbertHomebush via Port Mackay, Queensland
4086BIRCH, Francis TheodoreGoondiwindi, Queensland
4077BOGLE, Gordon KennedyLismore, New South Wales
4096BOX, John RobertBrisbane, Queensland
4089BRADEN, Henry AlfredWallangarra
4088BRENNAN, Clarence FrancisNSW Stock Office, Goondiwindi, Queensland
4098BRETT, Stephen ProsserThulimbah via Stanthorp, Queensland
4076BROADHURST, Harold OakBrisbane, Queensland
4097BROANDER, Jonathan FrithiofLismore, New South Wales
4093BROOKS, Hilton JamesBrisbane, Queensland
4082BROWN, Henry JosephEmerald, Queensland
4085BROWN, RichardBrisbane, Queensland
4099BROWNE, ThomasLismore, New South Wales
4092BRUNT, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4084BUCKBY, Clarence NormanBrisbane, Queensland
4087BURKE, Alexander NormanBolivia, New South Wales
4100BURKE, HarryMascot Boarding House, Anne Street, Brisabane, Queensland
4081BURKE, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4078BURROWS, John ThurstonMolesworth Street, Lismore, New South Wales
4120CAMERON, CosmoBrisbane, Queensland
4115CAMERON, DonaldBrisbane, Queensland
4116CAMERON, JamesReid River near Townsville, Queensland
4118CHADWICK, Thomas LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
4110CHAPMAN, Edward AlbertCoomera
4106CLAYTON, William PatrickDuckponds, Dalby, Queensland
4117CLEARY, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
4102COBDEN, Henry MiltonBrisbane, Queensland
4111COLLINS, Ernest AlfredWallangarra, Queensland
4103COLQUHOUN, EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4109CONFRAN, Louis OsverBrisbane, Queensland
4105COOK, Alexander DavidAnakie
4112COONEY, Percy LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
4114COOPER, William HamiltonLismore, New South Wales
4104COYNE, Patrick EdwardCharters Towers, Queensland
4061CROSS, Frederick Chas.Brisbane, Queensland
4113CROSSE, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
4107CURRIE, WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
4257CUSACK, EdwardLismore, New South Wales
4258DALLAS, George HenryGordon Station via Goondiwindi, Queensland
4123DAVIE, Robert JamesMusgrove Street, Rockhampton, Queensland
4128DAVIES, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4125DEIRIG, Arthur WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4121DOCHERTY, William NormanBrisbane, Queensland
4259DONOGHUE, John BenedictBellinger, New South Wales
4126DUNCANSON, Alfred HenryBrisbane, Queensland
4127DUNCANSON, Herbert FalconerBrisbane, Queensland
4122DUNNE, Denis BedeGoondiwindi, Queensland
4124DURKAN, Martin JosephLismore, New South Wales
4129EARLEY, WalterToowoomba, Queensland
4130ELLEMOR, HenryRockhampton Road, Mount Morgan, Queensland
4062FAGG, Henry EdgarSouth Killarney, Queensland
4132FAGG, Thomas WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4134FERGUSON, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4131FISK, Christopher PercyBrisbane, Queensland
4135FOLEY, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
4133FORD, William JohnCoutts Crossing, South Grafton, New South Wales
4066FRAMPTON, George WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4273GEYER, Peter HenryToowoomba, Queensland
4137GILMORE, Kenneth ClydeGreenridge, Richmond River, New South Wales
GLASGOW, JamesRed Hill, Gympie, Queensland
4057GODBOLT, George HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
4252GOSDEN, Charles StephenSissinghurst, Kent, England
4136GREENOUGH, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
4138GRIFFITH, Alexander GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4149HALL, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
4143HAMILTON, Daonald AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
4148HAMLYN, Ernest AlbertToowoomba, Queensland
4260HANLEY, RichardMount Crosby, Ipswich, Queensland
4150HARPER, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
4140HARRISON, Joseph RaymondBrisbane, Queensland
4063HARVEY, JackClifford Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
4262HEATHCOTE, Francis JayDaltons Hotel, Charleville, Queensland
4144HEGARTY, JackToowoomba, Queensland
4142HICKMAN JAMES WILLIAMBrisbane, Queensland
4145HOLDEN, Edward NoelBrisbane, Queensland
4146HOLDEN, Thomas ForrestBrisbane, Queensland
4141HOWELL, William RobertHomebush, Mackay, Queensland
9HUGHES, Edgar HarrisYororen, NC Railway, Queensland
4151ISON, Arthur Charles StanleyToowoomba, Queensland
4152JAMES, Percival HowardRockhampton, Queensland
4153JOHNSON, Arthur JamesLismore, New South Wales
4155KEEBLE, RobertRockhampton, Queensland
4156KEILY, RogerLismore, New South Wales
4154KIBBLE, William ThomasLismore, New South Wales
4064LEE, Ernest Vincent RoyLismore, New South Wales
4159LEWIS, Walter HowardSouth Woodbern, Queensland
4157LLOYD, Daniel LlewellynBrisbane, Queensland
4158LOWE, William FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
4160LUCAS, William JamesRockhampton, Queensland
4060MACFARLANE, BruceLismore, New South Wales
4056MACKAY, Alexander allanGrafton, New South Wales
4171MACKINTOSH, Edward DouglasLongreach, Queensland
4165MADDEN, JohnCloncurry, Queensland
4164MADDEN, Patrick JamesRockhampton, Queensland
4263MANDER, Charles NormanSilkstone PO, Silkstone, Ipswich, Queensland
4055MANSON, George JuilesBrisbane, Queensland
4253MARSDEN, Sidney Leonardvia Casino, Richmond River, New South Wales
4166MATRENIN, GregoryToowoomba, Queensland
4167MATTHEWS, Victor CharlesBallina PO, Ballina, New South Wales
4174McCALLUM, Arthur StanleyOliver Street, Grafton, New South Wales
4264McCLEMENTS, HughLatrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane, Kqld
4172McCORMACK, Thomas MatthewKings Lynn, Roma, Queensland
4175McGLINCHY, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
4265McLAUGHLIN, Wm. PatrickCorinda, Queensland
4242McLEAN, James Freelandc/o Mrs Thomson, Burlington Street, East Brisbane, Queensland
4170MITCHELL, CharlesTexas, Queensland
4168MORGAN, DavidPomana, North Coast Line, Queensland
4169MUNRO, George Alex.Lismore, New South Wales
4178NAISMITH, Johnc/o George Dearness, Nelson Street, South Townsville, Queensland
NEESON, PercivalGgormanPublic School, Grafton, New South Wales
4176NEILSON, William PollockRockhampton, Queensland
4177NELSON, Roy HansGoondiwindi, Queensland
4244NEWMAN, Alfred Patrick HenryBrisbane, Queensland
4180NEWTON, LeonardBribane, Queensland
4266FrankNICHOLAS, FrankBiggenden, Gayndah Line, Queensland
4181NICHOLLS, Richard JohnBrisbane, Queensland
4275O'CONNOR, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
4182OWENS, William OwenCharleville, Queensland
4192PARTRIDGE, AlfredMount Morgan, Queensland
4187PATERSON, AlexanderBlackstone via Ipswich, Queensland
4191PATERSON, JohnMount Morgan, Queensland
4188PATERSON, WilliamBlackstone via Ipswich, Queensland
4185PEACOCK, William HenryRockhampton, Kqld
4184PEARSON, Edward WalterGreenridge via Casino, New South Wales
4243PEARSON, Joseph DavidCoraki via Lismore, New South Wales
4183PERKINS, James WilliamGreenridge via Casino, New South Wales
4189PHILP, DuncanMount Morgan, Queensland
3PRACKART, Norman CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
4190PUTT, William HectorMount Morgan, Queensland
4195REA, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
4199REEVES, John AlfredKyogle, Richmond River, New South Wales
4065REID, Arthur LeslieEast Bundaberg, Queensland
4068ROBINSON, Victor Elmhurstc/o Commercial Bank, Lismore, New South Wales
4196ROSS, John KennethWallumbia Street, Murwillumbah, New South Wales
4197RUSSELL, HenryRoma, Queensland
198RYAN, GarnetCresslea, Linville, Valley Line, Brisbane, Queensland
4245RYAN, Stanley FrancisLinville, Queensland
4267RYAN, TimothyBowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland
4211SAILER, Samuel GodfreyBrisbane, Queensland
4203SAMSON, Arthur RonaldBrisbane, Queensland
4202SHEAN, Alf WilliamListowal Valley, Blackall, Queensland
4204SILANTIFF, NicholasGuluguba, Queensland
4248SMITH, Clifford ErnestLrondale, Strathpine, Queensland
6SMITH, Charles FrederickPerth Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
4207SMITH, Ernestc/o Mr John Smith, Walangarra, Queensland
SMITH, George Henry GlencrossHolberton Street, Newtown, Towoomba, Queensland
4212SMITH, Harry OwenBrisbane, Queensland
4200SMITH, JamesStanley Creek, Central Railway via Rockhampton, Queensland
4213SMITH, Oscar OliverBrisbane, Queensland
4209SORENSEN, William CharlesMungallala, Queensland
4201SORLEY, Stanley ArthurBrisbane, Queensland
4210STEWART, James McLeanBrisbane, Queensland
4214STOKER, Arthur RobertUralba via Ballina, New South Wales
4215STOKER, Edward JamesLismore, New South Wales
4268STRUDWICK, George Harrisonc/o K Strudwick and Co., Mungallala West Line, Queensland
4208STUCKEY, George TheodoreMarshall Street, Goondiwindi, Queensland
4269SULLIVAN, WilliamTerrace Street, New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland
4205SUTTON, JohnDalby, Queensland
4249SUTTON, WalterCecil Plains via Dalby, Queensland
4271TAYLOR, Patrick AmbroseVacey Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
4219THIELE, Charles EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
4216THOLMAS, Herbert WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
4221THOMAS, Eric Alleyne HallKerr Street, Ballina, New South Wales
4222TIDEY, Benjamin JosephSouth Brisbane, Queensland
4217TINDALL, CharlesMt Perry, Queensland
4240TOMKINS, Edwin WalterCommercial Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
4220TOWNSEND, Reginald PerrinChurch Street, Charters Towers, Queensland
TRUNDLE, Edwin FrancisBayview Terrace, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland
4218TUTIN, John HenryMilford via Boonah, Queensland
4224VAUGHAN, Kenneth HerbertSpring Creek via Clifton, Queensland
4230WALDEN, Henry JamesEmerald, Queensland
4247WALDEN, William GeorgeYimala Siding near Comet, Queensland
4231WARD, Harold TarlingtonRoyal Farm, Goondiwindi, Queensland
4229WEBB, Ronald GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
4228WEST, John StewartDarcy Street, Mt Morgan, Queensland
4246WHYTE, Alan LewisLismore, New South Wales
4237WHYTE, Richard TheodoreLismore, New South Wales
4226WICKS, vincent PatrickWestbrook, Queensland
4225WILKIN, Richard AbnerUnion Street,South Lismore, New South Wales
4234WILLIAMS, ReubenBrisbane, Queensland
4059WILLS, Richard alfredByron Bay, New South Wales
4235WILMOT, Stephen JamesBallina, New South Wales
4236WILMOT, Thomas EdwinBallina, New South Wales
4233WILSON, Cecil MurrayRockhampton, Queensland
4254WILSON, Gordon MurrayTownsville, Queensland
4232WILSON, Thomasc/o J A Wilson, West Street, Rockhampton, Queensland
4227WOLKOFF, MichaelGympie, Queensland
4279WYNNE, William Cardinal'Isfryn', Mooloolah, Queensland

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