List of Abbreviations


AA Antiaircraft
AAH Australian Auxiliary Hospital
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AANC Australain Army Nursing Corps
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
ADBD Australian Divisional Base Depot
ADH Australian Dematological Hospital
AE Australian Engineers
AE&MM&BC Australian Electrical and Mechanical Mining and Boring Company
AFA Australian Field Artllery
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AGBD Australian General Base Depot
AGH Australian General Hospital
AIBD Australian Infantry Base Depot
AIF Australian Imperial Force
ALRwy Australian Light Railway
AMGBD Australian Machine Gun Base Depot
AMTS Australian Mechanical Transport Service
AN&MEF Australian Naval and Military Expediationary Force
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
A&QMG Adjutant and Quartermaster General
ASH Australian Staionary Hospital
ASP Ammunition Sub Park
AVH Australian Veterinary Hospital
AWM Australian War Memorial
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column
Bde Brigade
Bdr Bombardier
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BG Brigadier General
BGGS Brigadier General, General Staff
BGRA Brigadier General, Royal Artillery
BGROC Broad Guage Railway Operating Company
BL Breech Loading
BM Brigade Major
BMHA Brigade Major, Heavy Artillery
BMRA Brigade Major, Royal Artillery
Bn Battalion
BTE British Troops in Egypt
Bty Battery
Capt Captain
CB Counterbattery
CBSO Counterbattery Staff Officer
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CE Chief Engineer
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
C-in-C Commander in Chief
CMGO Corps Machine Gun Officer
CMTO Corps Mechanical Transport Officer
Col Colonel
Coy Company
CP Commonwealth Pattern
Cpl Corporal
Cps Corps
CRA Commander, Royal Artillery
CRE Commander, Royal Engineeers
CRS Commonwealth Records Series
CTC Camel Transport Corps
CTE Corps Troops Engineers
cwt Hundredweight
d Pence
DAC Division Ammunition Column
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
DesCol Desert Column
DesCorps Desert Mounted Corps
DGT Director General of Transport
Div Division
DMGO Division Machine Gun Officer
DMS Director of Medical Services
DOD Department of Defence
DSC Division Supply Column
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DTMO Division Trench Mortar Officer
DMTS Director of Mechanical Transport Services
DUS Depot Unit of Supply
Dvr Driver
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
E-in-C Engineer in Chief
Engr Engineer
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
FAmb Field Ambulance
FM Field Marshal
FOO Forward Observation Officer
ft Feet
g grams
Genl General
GG Governor General
GHQ General Headquarters
GOC General Officer Commanding
GOCRA General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery
GS General Staff
GSO General Staff Officer
GSR General Service Reinforcements
GSW Gun Shot Wound
Gnr Gunner
HAG Heavy Artillery Group
HE High Explosive
HF High Frequency
HM His Majesty
HMAHS His Majesty's Australian Hospital Ship
HMAS His Majesty's Australian Ship
HMAT His Majesty's Australian Transport
How Howitzer
HQ Headquarters
HT Horse Transport
HTM Heavy Trench Mortar
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
in Inches
inf Infantry
kg Kilograms
kph Kilometres per hour
lb Pounds
L/Cpl Lance Corporal
LF Low Frequency
LG Lieutenant General
LGO Lewis Gun Officer
LH Light Horse
LHR Light Horse Regiment
LOC Line of Communications
LROC Light Railway Operating Company
Lt Lieutenant
LTM Light Trench Mortar
m metres
Maj Major
MC Military Cross
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
MG Machine Gun or Major General
M/I Marched In
MGGS Major General, General Staff
MM Military Medal
M/O Marched Out
MOD Minister of Defence
MT Mechanical Transport
MTM Medium Trench Mortar
MVS Mobile Veterinary Section
NYD Not Yet Determined
NYDN Not Yet Diagnosed Nervous [Shellshock]
OC Officer Commanding
OP Observation Post
oz Ounces
Pnr Pioneer
psc Passed Staff College
Pte Private
QF Quick Firing
QM Quartermaster
QMG Quartermaster General
RA Royal Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFA Royal Australian Field Artillery
RAGA Royal Australian Garrison Artillery
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANBT Royal Austrlalian Navy Bridging Train
RBAA Reserve Brigade Australian Artillery
RE Royal Engineers
Regt Regiment
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
Rft Reinforcement
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
Rmt Remount
RN Royal Navy
rpg rounds per gun
rpm rounds per minute
RSD Railhead Supply Detachment
s shillings
San Sanitary
SB Siege Battery
SC Staff Captain
Sgt Staff Sergeant
SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield
SMTO Senior Mechanical Transport Officer
SOD Secretary of Defence
Sqn Squadron
SSC Secretary of State for Colonies (UK)
st stone
STS Sea Transport Staff
S/Sgt Staff Sergeant
SW Shrapnel Wound
t Tonnes
TOS Taken On Strength
Tp Troop
Tun Tunnelling
US United States of America
VC Victoria Cross
Vet Veterinary
WO War Office (UK) or Warrant Officer



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