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16th Battalion, 13th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/33/3

  1. From Adelaide, South Australia on board HMAT A30 Borda on 11 January 1916

  2. From Fremantle, Western Australia on board HMAT A54 Runic on 29 January 1916

4366ACTON, Arthur ThomasAlbion Street, Cottesloe, Western Australia
4246ADAMSON, JohnLauderdale Farm, Collie, Western Australia
4126ALLEY, Thomas WilliamBelair, South Australia
4247ARCHER, HarryBunbury Street, Collie, Western Australia
4365ARNOLD, Clarence312 Beaufort Street, Perth, Western Australia
4127BAKER, Edward RossMulpounka, New South Wales
4128BALD, Albert HaroldBurrungule, South Australia
4129BARNFATHER, Ernest James37 Wright Street, Adelaide, South Australia
4255BELL, Hilton CharlesRiver Street, South Perth, Western Australia
4130BEST, Richard SydneyHamley Bridge, South Australia
4251BEST, Sidney Thomas80 Richardson Street, Boulder, Western Australia
4253BINGHAM, Ernestc/o Guildford PO, Guildford, Western Australia
4254BINGHAM, Stephenc/o Guildford PO, Guildford, Western Australia
4131BIRT, Harry WilliamsAnthony Street, Largs Bay, South Australia
4250BLACKWOOD, WalterHamilton Hill PO, South Fremantle, Western Australia
4248BOVELL, William Allan1 Campbell Street, West Perth, Western Australia
4132BRADEY, Alfred JamesMitcham, South Australia
4133BRADLEY, Alfred Lionel67 Castle Street, Parkside, South Australia
4384BREUER, James HermanBrockman Road, Midland Junction, Western Australia
4252BROWN, George221 York Street, Subiaco, Western Australia
4134BUCKLEY, ThomasLaura, South Australia
4241BUSSELL, Alfred Josephc/o H Castilla, Bay View Terrace, Claremont, Western Australia
4135CAMPBELL, Philip Henry4 Cambridge Street, Hackney, South Australia
4136CARNIE, Robert Davidson5 Cambridge Street, Hackney, South Australia
4137CARSLAW, JohnMartina Street, Exeter, South Australia
4259CASEY, Albert Richard Booth18 Roe Street, Perth, Western Australia
4263CHADWICK, EliBruce Rock, Western Australia
4138CHASTEAUNEUF, William GeorgeWelkawatt, South Australia
4139CLEMENS, EdwardRenmark, South Australia
4257CONDRON, Thomas932 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia
4258CONNOR, Michaelc/o A J Hassell, Hillside, Albany, Western Australia
4256CONROY, John Williamc/o Deegan's Store, Castlemaine, Victoria
4264CONWAY, GeorgeStation Road, Gosnells, Western Australia
4261COOK, James Augustusc/o E A Jones, South Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
4140COULSON, GeorgeDudley Avenue, Clarence Park, Goodwood, South Australia
4141COULSON, JosephDudley Avenue, Clarence Park, Goodwood, South Australia
4385CRONE, Harold FelixLascelles, Victoria
4260CUMMINS, Arthur72 Crawford Road, Maylands, Western Australia
4265DALY, James Patrick272 Hay Street, East Perth, Western Australia
4266DATCHENS, Joseph71 Goderich Street, Perth, Western Australia
4367DAWSON, Alexander John160 Brown Street, East Perth, Western Australia
4142DODD, Thomas James HaroldMundoo Island, Goolwa, South Australia
4376EDWARDS, Jack LeslieShenton Road, Claremont, Western Australia
4268ELLIS, FrederickGPO Perth, Western Australia
4143EMMS, Frederick WilliamBroken Hill, New South Wales
4267EPPEY, Harryc/o S Longmure, East Katanning, Western Australia
4269EVANS, Arthur Clarence24 Moore Street, Perth, Western Australia
4271FERGUSON, William59 Schager Street, Leederville, South Australia
4270FIELD, Lawrence RidleySpencer Road, Albany, Western Australia
4144FINEY, HaswellFiney Street, Brighton, South Australia
4272FISHER, Walter StanleyMundijong, Western Australia
4368FORD, Alfred PercyGPO, Bunbury, Western Australia
4273FRASER, Albert DuncanNortham, Western Australia
4274FRASER, RobertGPO Perth, Western Australia
4275FULWOOD, William DawsonBeverley, Western Australia
4145GALBRAITH, David JohnPort Pirie, South Australia
4146GELSTON, Arthur JohnClifton Street, Hawthorn, South Australia
4198GEORGE, Henry LionelGibsons Hotel, Murray Street, Gawler, South Australia
4276GIBSON, Jack HaydenQuairading, Western Australia
4279GILLARD, CharlesMerridan, Western Australia
4147GLOVER, HenryAlbert Street, Birkenhead, South Australia
4148GOBELL, JamesRailway Town, Broken Hill, New South Wales
4280GOODMAN, Francis JosephGPO Perth, Western Australia
4370GORMAN, FrankKalgoorlie PO, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
4278GRAY, EdwardMundijong, Western Australia
4277GUTHRIE, Frank722 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia
4288HALLAM, James80 Whitfield Street, West Guildford, Western Australia
4285HALLIDAY, FrankField Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia
4149HAMMOND, PercivalPenalulne Place, Adelaide, South Australia
4282HANDLEY, Basil James200 Bagot Road, Subiaco, Western Australia
4289HANN, Edward JohnJolimont PO, Jolimont, Western Australia
4281HANNAGAN, Andrew JosephNortham, Western Australia
4150HARRIS, RowlandMcLaren Vale, South Australia
4286HAYMAN, Spencer John86 Marquis Street, West Perth, Western Australia
4151HENDY, Albert StanleyBroken Hill, New South Wales
4295HENRY, HollisBridgetown, Western Australia
4152HILL, William HughKeith, South Australia
4153HOLYOAK, William Alfred298 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia
4284HOULT, Herbert32 Hill Street, Perth, Western Australia
4293HUGHES, John ArthurHarvey PO, Harvey, Western Australia
4294HURLSTON, ArthurLoco Sheds, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
4154INNS, Wilfred ColeMillicent, South Australia
4296JONES, Harry Waters1 Park Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia
4297JONES, Wilfred DrayCorio, Johnston Street, Guildford, Western Australia
4299KEALY, James Stephen64 Lake Street, Perth, Western Australia
4382KEEHAN, William Clement312 St Georges Road, Northcote Melbourne, Victoria
4155KEELTY, William FrancisMilparinka, New South Wales
4381KEIRLE, AlbertCloncurry, Queensland
4156KELLY, HarryEast Street, Torrensville, South Australia
4371KENNEDY, Matthew BernardAlbany, Western Australia
KERR, John StrachanWellington Mills via Dardanup, Western Australia
4157KERRY, Samuelc/o Mrs Levi, Landowne Terrace, Walerville, South Australia
4300KERSHAW, Harold HerbertUrch Street, Geraldton, Western Australia
4386KILLELEA, ThomasInnisfail, Queensland
4158KITCHIN, Williamc/o Mr R.F. Atkinson, Willunga, South Australia
4159KNUCKEY, William HectorKadina, South Australia
4160LAMB, John WilliamPeel Street, Gatala, South Australia
4161LANE, John CliftonPort Pirie, South Australia
4162LANE, William HenryPort Pirie, South Australia
4301LANGDON, Wallace York92 Duke Street, West Perth, Western Australia
4303LAWS, Arthur1032 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia
4380LINNANE, MartinMica Street, Broken Hill, New South Wales
4163LOVE, Sydney EarlKeith, South Australia
4164LOXTON, Thomas SamuelMannum, South Australia
4165MADDISON, Lionel FosterWaymouth Street, Adelaide, South Australia
4166MADDOCK, Charles Frederickc/o Mrs Scollard, 69 Argent Street, Broken Hill, New South Wales
4373MANN, LouisBunbury GPO, Western Australia
4310MANNING, Oliver ArthurKalgoorlie, Western Australia
4308MANNIX, James WilliamMeekatharra, Western Australia
4168MARSHALL, Hector Ernest Eugene13 Eden Street, Adelaide, South Australia
4378MASCHMEDT, Lawrence PhillipNortham, Western Australia
4169MASON, Claud WilliamO'Halloran Hill, South Australia
4244MASON, Oliver James9 Moir Street, Perth, Western Australia
4170MAYNARD, Walter BuddFranklin Harbor, Cowell, South Australia
4312McARTHUR, Bernard DuncanVictoria Street, Midland Junction, Western Australia
4171McARTHUR, Colin Neilc/o Premier Dining Rooms, Port Adelaide, South Australia
4172McCARTNEY, Stanley JohnBurford Street, New Kingston, South Australia
4313McCOLL, William GregorMiddleton Road, Albany, Western Australia
4314McDERMID, Robert JamesRailway Refreshment Rooms, Perth, Western Australia
4173McDONALD, JohnWarnertown, South Australia
4174McKAIL, Ronald GeorgeMillicent, South Australia
4175McKELLAR, William JohnMillicent, South Australia
4315McKENZIE, Frank6 Premier Street, East Perth, Western Australia
4245McKIE, John147 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia
4316McPARLAN, FrankNarrogin, Western Australia
4309MELLOWSHIP, Edward ClarenceRear of 52 Wellington Street, Perth, Western Australia
4305MILLS, John22 Knebworth Avenue, Perth, Western Australia
4372MORRISSEY, Michael RoyGPO, Geraldton, Western Australia
MOYES, Alban George179 Gover Street, North Adelaide, South Australia
4311MUDGE, Harold George269 Dorothy Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
4307MURPHY, Sydney Arthur176 Beach Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
4176NALTY, Thomas NewsomeBrighton Road, Glenelg, South Australia
4377NENKE, Stanley BertholdWagin, Western Australia
4317NETTTLETON, WilliamMarranup, Western Australia
4318NIXON, Stanley WilliamForrest Street, Cottesloe, Western Australia
4177O'DEAN, Marcusc/o Mrs Cross, Robert Street, North Unley, South Australia
4178PANKHURST, GordonLaura, South Australia
4319PARNCUTT, Arthur236 Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia
4179PEDDER, Frank JohnUxbridge Street, Kensington, South Australia
4242PEMBLE, William Henry Claudec/o Union Bank, Fremantle, Western Australia
4320POWER, William Henry213 Beaufort Street, Perth, Western Australia
4321PREEDY, Eric JohnKings Park Lodge, Subiaco, Western Australia
4323PRITCHARD, Wallace Douglasc/o W E Allen Lema Street, Nedlands, Western Australia
4325QUAN, WalteMeekatharra, Western Australia
5326QUEEN, Wilfred WalkerWellman Street, Guildford, Western Australia
4324QUINN, Michael AndrewMillbrook Wilson Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
4328RANDELL, Herbert SamuelQuellington via York, Western Australia
4331REILLY, William JohnMcCourt Street, Leederville, Western Australia
4239REYNOLDS, Percyc/- Messrs, Dalgety And Co, Fremantle, Western Australia
4327ROE, Albert AlfredSandstone, Western Australia
4374ROGERS, Lawrence JamesEleanor Street, Geraldton, Western Australia
4180ROGERS, Sydney WilliamStirling West, South Australia
4332ROWE, Francis Thomasc/o Chad Whitty, Bunbury, Western Australia
4329RUSSELL, Robert JosephLeonora, Western Australia
4330RUSSELL, William AlbanWyalcathchem, Western Australia
4181RUSSELL, William Paterson33 Austral Terrace, Malvern Terrace, South Australia
4182SAVERY, ArthurAdelaide, South Australia
4183SCANTLEBURY, Harry Ernest39 Cumming Street, Mile End, South Australia
4339SCHOFIELD, Thomas FrederickWilliams, Western Australia
4336SCHRYVER, Lester89 First Avenue, Mount Lawley, Perth, Western Australia
4184SCHWARK, Alfred AugustMundalla South East, South Australia
4187SEXTON, William FrancisCaltowie, South Australia
4185SHEPLEY, Percy PhillipBelair, South Australia
4341SHEPPARD, JohnArcher Street,West Midland, Western Australia
4333SMILLIE, LauchlanOngerup, Western Australia
4186SMITH, Robert HaroldSolomontown, South Australia
4383SMITH, WilliamMelbourne, Victoria
4188SOUTH, Jack NorthmorePort Pirie, South Australia
4338STANILAND, LeonardGPO, Perth, Western Australia
4189STEPHEN, Frederick LawrenceSaltram Road, Glenelg, South Australia
4190SUGARS, George Robert17 Huntress Street, Torrensville, South Australia
4191SYMONS, Stanley RichardLaura, South Australia
4345TAYLOR, George FrederickPO, Geraldton, Western Australia
5356THOMPSON, Arthur80 Railway Parade, W Perth, Western Australia
4342THOMSON, JosephNugadong via Wubin Siding, Western Australia
4349THOMSON, Joseph DuncanBushby Street, Midland Junction, Western Australia
4347TICKLIE, Albert ThomasPO, Wuraming, Western Australia
4348TILBEE, George StephenHarper Street, Midland Junction, Western Australia
4343TOGNINI, CharlesBunbury, Western Australia
4352VALLI, BaptisteCarrington Street, South Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
4350VAUGHAN, JosephLeonora, PO, Leonora, Western Australia
4351VAUGHAN, William GeorgeGovernor Broome, Perth, Western Australia
4192VINCE, Alfred EliClifton Street, Mayland, South Australia
4362WALKER, RobertBrunswick Junction, Western Australia
4193WALLACE, HaroldSwigg Street, Birkenhead, South Australia
4194WARRENTON, CharlesAdelaide, South Australia
4195WATERS, Victor ClarenceForrest Range, South Australia
4357WATSON, Archibald CameronL44 Parry Street, East Perth, Western Australia
4360WATTERS, Bertie GlanvellPerth Street, Subiaco, Western Australia
4353WEARNE, Leslie ArnoldBrookton, Western Australia
4240WILCOX, William Francis177 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
4354WILDING, William OpieRailway Street, North Fremantle, Western Australia
4361WILKINSON, Walter JamesCranbrook, Western Australia
4358WILSON, Arthur GilbertParkerville, Western Australia
4356WOLFE, Walter246 James Street, Perth, Western Australia
4359WOODHAMS, Frederick WilliamNortham, Western Australia
4196WOODS, Bertram Lawrence7 Porter Street, Parkside, South Australia
4364YOUNG, Alexander GreigGoomalling, Western Australia
4363YOUNG, Gordon LeslieGPO Perth, Western Australia
4197YOUNG, ThomasKensington Terrace, Kensington, South Australia

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