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41st Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/58/2

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A42 Boorara on 16 August 1916

1781ADDISON, Walter JamesBrandon, Queensland
1830ALLSHORN, MalcolmWinton, Queensland
1929ANDERSON, AlfredTownsville, Queensland
1784ARMSTRONG, Roy James ThomasLismore, New South Wales
1782ASHBY, William GeorgeMackay, Queensland
1785BAILEY, Robert James
1786BAMSEY, Percy EdwardBowen, Queensland
1788BARLEY, Archie ReginaldHughenden, Queensland
1787BARLEY, Ronald ErnestHughenden, Queensland
1789BASHFORTH, George ThorpeMurwillumbah, Tweed River, New South Wales
1790BLANCH, John Bernard CampbellBangalow, New South Wales
1791BLAYNEY, Williamirns, Queensland
1792BLINMAN, HenryHughenden, Queensland
1795BORN, Allan WebbBrisbane, Queensland
1794BROWN, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
1803CALESS, George RichardTownsville, Queensland
1798CARR, Arnold CecilCairns, Queensland
1805CARROLL, Andrew MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
1804CARROLL, John O'Connell JosephBrisbane, Queensland
1799CASH, James StephenWyrallah, Richmond River, New South Wales
1797CLARK, ClarenceChinchilla, Queensland
1925CLARK, William DallasRockhampton, Queensland
1801CONDON, John CharlesCairns, Queensland
1796CONLEY, FrederickTownsville, Queensland
1930DAVIES, Evean JosephMackay, Queensland
1806DAVIES, Frederick AugustusHomebush, Mackay, Queensland
1807DAVIS, James RichardMaclean, New South Wales
1808DAWSON, Lancelot WestonBraidwood, New South Wales
1810DAY, Charles WhitneyWinton, Queensland
1814DINES, William CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
1811DIXON, ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
1783DONALDSON, WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
1812DURBIN, George ArthurMackay, Queensland
1813DURRINGTON, Oswald SpainMaclean, New South Wales
1815EGAN, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
1816ELLEM, Arthur JamesGrafton, New South Wales
1818FERGUSON, JamesMackay, Queensland
1819FINGER, Frank HenryLower Burdekin, Queensland
1821FITZSIMONS, FrankTownsville, Queensland
1823FOX, Orville JamesSarina, Mackay, Queensland
1822FRASER, John AlexanderTownsville, Queensland
1820FREEMAN, Albert CharlesHomehill, Bowen Line, Queensland
1824FREEMANTLE, ArthurMossman, Queensland
1825FRESHWATER, Arthur JohnBrisbane, Queensland
1826GIBSON, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
1827GIBSON, James ChristopherBrisbane, Queensland
1828GILLMER, CharlesTownsville, Queensland
1835GOODWIN, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
1829GORDON, Francis BradshawBowen, Queensland
1834GOSPER, EberGrafton, New South Wales
1833GRANT, Bertin ReginaldBeryl Creek, Tweed River, New South Wales
1831GRAY, William Lister TaylorKillarney, New South Wales
1832GRIEVESON, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
1927HAMILTON, Malcolm JamesBrisbane, Queensland
1837HAMILTON, Ralph LathamCharters Towers, Queensland
1838HAMMERSLY, WilliamWinton, Queensland
1844HANSEN, Albert EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
1843HARMAN, Herbert JohnBrisbane, Queensland
HARPER, Herbert ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
1836HAWKINS, John HenryKoberinga, Bowen Line, Queensland
1839HINCHEY, Douglas JohnIrvinebank, Queensland
1802HIVERS, William HenryCharters Towers, Queensland
1817HOELSCHER, Cecil GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
1842HOGAN, Joseph PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
1841HOWES, Charles WilliamAyr, Queensland
1845IRESON, John Thomas ClarkMackay, Queensland
1850JACOBSON, CharlesLismore, New South Wales
1849JAMIESON, Thomas GeorgeMurwillumbah, New South Wales
1846JANE, William HenryMackay, Queensland
1847JOHNSON, James ChristopherMackay, Queensland
1851JOHNSTON, Charles WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
1903JONES, Louis GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
1848JUREKY, WilliamTownsville, Queensland
1853KERR, Albert HowardBrisbane, Queensland
1854LANG, ThomasMaclean, New South Wales
1862LEEON, Herbert WilliamRockhampton, Queensland
1857LEGOOD, George WilliamMackay, Queensland
1860LENDRUM, Thomas FrancisToowoomba, Queensland
1859LESLIE, AdamMurwillumbah, New South Wales
1858LESLIE, RobertMurwillumbah, New South Wales
1861LILLY, John HenryTownsville, Queensland
1870MACDONALD, ThomasTownsville, Queensland
1863MALTBY, FrankCairns, Queensland
1864MALTBY, ThomasCairns, Queensland
1865MAWHINNEY, William AndrewUlmarra, Clarence River, New South Wales
1876McADAM, ChristieRockhampton, Queensland
1874McDONALD, LeonardWinton, Queensland
1871McFARLANE, PeterOakenden, Mackay, Queensland
1872McGREGOR, George WilliamMackay, Queensland
1873McGREGOR, PeterChinchilla, Queensland
1875McNEILL, Dougall WrightBrisbane, Queensland
1866MOGAN, Edward ChristopherInnisfail, Queensland
1867MORCOM, FrederickMackay, Queensland
1869MORIARTY, John JosephLismore, New South Wales
1868MURPHY, WilliamWinton, Queensland
1809NEWBY, TomBrisbane, Queensland
1877NICHOLSON, John ElimMaclean, New South Wales
1881NIX, Rowland Bertram TomBrisbane, Queensland
1878O'CONNELL, Alexander HenryInnisfail, Queensland
1879O'NEILL, JamesMaclean, New South Wales
1855O'REGAN, JohnLismore, New South Wales
1880ORR, Samuel GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
1886PALMER, Alfred Henry ArthurBrisbane, Queensland
1885PARKER, Harry GilbertBrisbane, Queensland
1889PARRY, LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
1852PETERSEN, Albert HenryRockhampton, Queensland
1882PETERSON, James SearleMackay, Queensland
1888POLLARD, WilliamGrafton, New South Wales
1883PRATT, DavidMackay, Queensland
1887PRATT, DuncanMackay, Queensland
1884PRITCHARD, James HenryMackay, Queensland
1890REID, Albert JohnBrandon, Queensland
1894REID, Robert WestTabulam, New South Wales
1895REYNOLDS, Arthur JamesKyogle, New South Wales
1920AROBERTS, George ErnestGrafton, New South Wales
1896ROBERTS, John SuterBrisbane, Queensland
1891ROBINSON, HarryTownsville, Queensland
1893ROBINSON, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
1897RUMSEY, JackBrisbane, Queensland
1892RUSSELL, William HershellTownsville, Queensland
1898SADLEIR, Edward DonaldTownsville, Queensland
1909SHARKEY, Stephen HenryCharters Towers, Queensland
1908SHARMAN, James HaroldMurwillumbah, New South Wales
1899SHEATHER, Archibald HughKureen, Cairns, Queensland
1800SIBBLES, FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
1902SIMPSON, JamesMount Morgan, Queensland
1912SIMPSON, John CharlesTyalgum via Murwillumbah, New South Wales
1905SMITH, Francis William GaleMaclean, New South Wales
1900SMITH, George AlexanderWalkerston, Queensland
1910SNELL, WalterMurwillumbah, New South Wales
1907STEVENSON, JohnLismore, New South Wales
1911STILL, George John HaleCasino, New South Wales
1904STUHMEKE, Herbert DavidMarburg, Queensland
1901SUARES, William JoseBallarat, Victoria
1906SUTHERLAND, DonaldLismore, New South Wales
SWANSON, Percy MansonMackay, Queensland
1915TAIT, AndrewCairns, Queensland
1856TEAGUE, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
1914THOMAS, AlbertBeenleigh, Queensland
1916TRIMBLE, George RobertBrisbane, Queensland
1913TRIMBLE, RobertEinasleigh, Queensland
1917VAGNE, Stanley GeorgeLismore, New South Wales
1918WADDELL, Robert LoveBrisbane, Queensland
1926WALDON, JohnTownsville, Queensland
1919WATERS, Peter PatrickPort Darwin, Northern Territory
1920WEST, Arthur NowellMackay, Queensland
1921WHANNELL, JamesMackay, Queensland
1840WILLIAMSON, Harold WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
1928WOODRUFFE, John SheddenBrisbane, Queensland
1922WOODWARD, HenryCasino, New South Wales
1923WRIGHT, Joel RichmondByron Bay, New South Wales
1925YOUNG, Alexander DonacliffBrisbane, Queensland

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