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41st Battalion, D Company

AWM Roll number: 23/58/1

  1. From Sydney, New South Wales on board HMAT A64 Demosthenes on 18 May 1916

808ADAMS, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
800ALLISON, RoyBrisbane, Queensland
806ANDERSON, EdwinBrisbane, Queensland
ARGUE, Robert William ChristopherBrisbane, Queensland
803ARIS, Bertie WilliamToowoomba, Queensland
805ARNOLD, GordonBrisbane, Queensland
ASCHE, Frithiof HaroldToowoomba, Queensland
801ASHWOOD, Frederick GeorgeEnoggera, Queensland
804ATKINS, Alfred JohnBrisbane, Queensland
799AULT, Horace AlfredBrisbane, Queensland
802AYRE, Alfred HenryToowoomba, Queensland
813BAHR, Frederick EdgarBrisbane, Queensland
821BAILEY, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
807BAKER, GeoffreyGrafton, Queensland
814BARKER, Robert WoodallBrisbane, Queensland
809BARKER, Sydney ThompsonBrisbane, Queensland
820BEAL, Douglas FitzroyBrisbane, Queensland
810BEETHAM, Benjamin CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
817BENSON, Wilfred RudolphToowoomba, Queensland
815BLANDFORD, Claude VivianBrisbane, Queensland
823BOW, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
819BOYCE, Leslie Atherton GeraldToowoomba, Queensland
818BOYCE, Leonard HerculesToowoomba, Queensland
824BRAMLEY, Arthur AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
816BRISKEY, William CharlesToowoomba, Queensland
812BURTON, Joseph EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
811BUSTIN, Thomas MarkhamBrisbane, Queensland
822BUZZA, David WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
834CARROLL, Percy CliffordWarwick, Queensland
832CARTER, William John ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
828CATTON, Charles JamesBrisbane, Queensland
837CHAPMAN, Edmund GordonWarwick, Queensland
833CHAPMAN, William HenryBrisbane, Queensland
CHRISTOE, John EdwardMaryborough, Queensland
831CLAY, Henry JamesEmerald, Queensland
827CLIFTON, Henry JosephBrisbane, Queensland
825COE, LukeBrisbane, Queensland
836COLLINS, HarryBrisbane, Queensland
970CONN, James Henryisbane, Queensland
835CONNOLE, PatrickBrisbane, Queensland
826COOK, Ernest AlfredLismore, New South Wales
842COOKE, Edwin AlfredBrisbane, Queensland
841CORRIE, William John MaxwellBrisbane, Queensland
838COUSIN, James ErnestToowoomba, Queensland
839COWEN, Thomas JamesBrisbane, Queensland
840CROCOMBE, Alfred GordonBrisbane, Queensland
795CROOK, George StanleyCairns, Queensland
843CURTIS, Charles HenryBrisbane, Queensland
854DALE, Richard GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
855DALL, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
852DAVIES, Stanley VivianBrisbane, Queensland
851DAVIS, Wilfred ErnestLismore, New South Wales
853DELACOUR, Patrick JosephBrisbane, Queensland
857DIMMOCK, Arthur EdmundBrisbane, Queensland
844DODDS, George SidneyBrisbane, Queensland
850DOHENY, John Charlesisbane, Queensland
847DOIG, Henry John AndrewBrisbane, Queensland
845DONALD, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
849DOUGHERTY, Jeremiah LeoLismore, New South Wales
856DOWD, Alfred Andrew GeorgeRockhampton, Queensland
848DOWLING, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
846DUGGAN, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
858EDWARDS, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
861EGELSTAFF, Victor ClaudeBrisbane, Queensland
863EGGINS, Percival ManningLismore, New South Wales
859ELLIS, Cecil BeaufortBrisbane, Queensland
860ENGLAND, HenryBrisbane, Queensland
862EVANS, Alfred Anthony ArnottBrisbane, Queensland
868FIBBINS, ArthurWarwick, Queensland
864FINDLAY, James GrayBrisbane, Queensland
870FISHER, PhilipRockhampton, Queensland
869FITCH, BenjaminToowoomba, Queensland
865FOSTER, HerbertBrisbane, Queensland
866FRASER, AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
867FUNNELL, GeorgeWarwick, Queensland
871GATES, DouglasBrisbane, Queensland
874GERAGHTY, Joseph JamesBrisbane, Queensland
876GOLDING, James StanleyBrisbane, Queensland
873GRAY, ArthurToowoomba, Queensland
875GRAY, James JohnBrisbane, Queensland
872GREAVES, Edward FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
877GUNN, Arthur NeilBrisbane, Queensland
890HACKWOOD, Leslie JohnWarwick, Queensland
886HAMILTON, Ernest HenryBrisbane, Queensland
885HANLEY, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
891HANSEN, Herbert Phillip JamesRockhampton, Queensland
878HANSEN, Henry ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
892HARDING, Frank LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
884HARRIS, Sam DavidBrisbane, Queensland
883HARRIS, William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
894HARRISON, Percy WilliamLismore, New South Wales
880HARVEY, Sydney CharlesLismore, New South Wales
889HAWTIN, Cyril EmsleyEnoggera, Queensland
881HAZZARD, William CharlesLismore, New South Wales
879HICK, JamesRockhampton, Queensland
888HINCH, MauriceWarwick, Queensland
932HOBBS, WalterBrisbane, Queensland
882HOGAN, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
893HONE, William AlfredRockhampton, Queensland
887HUTCHISON, DonaldToowoomba, Queensland
899INNIS, John ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
896JAMES, Henry William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
898JAMES, JohnWarwick, Queensland
895JAMIESON, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
897JORDAN, William WalterToowoomba, Queensland
900KELLY, John JosephToowoomba, Queensland
KEMP, Alexander RobertC/o Defence Department, Brisbane, Queensland
907LAIT, William JohnToowoomba, Queensland
908LAMBERTON, William JamesLismore, New South Wales
911LANG, Georgerisbane, Queensland
905LAWSON, RobertToowoomba, Queensland
901LEAVEY, James ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
906LENNON, Clarence WilliamWarwick, Queensland
904LUCAS, Herbert HectorBrisbane, Queensland
910LYNCH, Matthew JosephBrisbane, Queensland
902LYNN, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
903LYNN, William AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
928MACKLIN, James RobertBrisbane, Queensland
920MARRIOTT, Vivian FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
924MARTIN, Arthur WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
927MASON, Lance JosephBrisbane, Queensland
938McADAM, George ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
931McAFEE, AlfredBrisbane, Queensland
933McCAFFERTY, Edward ThomasCairns, Queensland
830McCARTHY, Clarence BertieBrisbane, Queensland
940McCULLOCH, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
941McDADE, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
939McDONNELL, MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
936McDOUGALL, DuncanBrisbane, Queensland
937McFARLANE, John McDonaldBrisbane, Queensland
929McGOWAN, MathewBrisbane, Queensland
935McINTOSH, PeterBrisbane, Queensland
934McJANNETT, Walter ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
930McLEAN, William MalcolmBrisbane, Queensland
923MEEHAN, Alfred SamuelBrisbane, Queensland
917MILLER, JohnLismore, New South Wales
913MILLS, Alexander WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
916MITCHELL, Henry JohnBrisbane, Queensland
909MOODIE, Peter EdmondstoneBrisbane, Queensland
922MOORE, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
919MORROW, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
926MORROW, William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
921MOTT, William GordonBrisbane, Queensland
925MOWAT, Thomas William WaleBrisbane, Queensland
918MULVENNA, JamesBrisbane, Queensland
944NELSON, Kenneth Joseph FrancisBrisbane, Queensland
942NEWNHAM, William FrederickToowoomba, Queensland
943NICKELLS, John AmbroseBrisbane, Queensland
946PACE, WalterBrisbane, Queensland
945PARKER, Albert EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
949PARMINTER, John AmbroseBrisbane, Queensland
948PEAKES, John EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
950PEARCE, James EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
947PETROWSKI, Otto Thomas JohnBrisbane, Queensland
953QUINLIVAN, GeorgeToowoomba, Queensland
957RALPH, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
954RAMSAY, Ernest EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
951RANDALL, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
961REID, Joseph Edward Colin HarveyBrisbane, Queensland
959REID, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
964RICHMOND, Harold FosterWarwick, Queensland
952RIDDLE, Albert GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
956RIX, Maurice AndcliffeBrisbane, Queensland
960ROBERTSON, Alexander BrownBrisbane, Queensland
962ROBERTSON, John HughBrisbane, Queensland
963ROBSON, John HenryBrisbane, Queensland
958RODGER, Adam GallawayBrisbane, Queensland
955ROUGH, Willie HampsonBrisbane, Queensland
965ROWBOTTOM, George HarryLismore, New South Wales
967ROWE, WalterBrisbane, Queensland
974ROYAN, Alexander JamesBrisbane, Queensland
966RUSSELL, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
975SAMUEL, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
980SANDERSON, Ernest WilliamLismore, New South Wales
971SCHRODER, Niels ReinhardtBrisbane, Queensland
985SEE, CharlesBrisbane, Queensland
968SKINNER, Horace JohnBrisbane, Queensland
981SMITH, George MichaelBrisbane, Queensland
983SMITH, Robert LukeBrisbane, Queensland
982SMITH, Thomasisbane, Queensland
969SMITH, William SydneyBrisbane, Queensland
977STEPHENSON, ArthurToowoomba, Queensland
978STEPHENSON, Edgar HaroldToowoomba, Queensland
979STEPHENSON, John ThomasToowoomba, Queensland
986STEWART, JamesLismore, New South Wales
976STEWART, Roy HamiltonBrisbane, Queensland
972STEWART, William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
973STIRRATT, RobertBrisbane, Queensland
STRATFORD, Frederick WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
984SWINDALL, John WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
992TAYLOR, Thomas GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
995THISTLEWAITE, Albert ElihuBrisbane, Queensland
THOMAS, George *Gympie, Queensland
988THYGESEN, Charles WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
987THYGESEN, Peter AndrewBrisbane, Queensland
914TOBIASEN, Ellert WaageLismore, New South Wales
991TREDENICK, James PatrickToowoomba, Queensland
989TULLEY, Alfred GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
990TURNER, George HarryBrisbane, Queensland
994UBANK, Samuel JosephBrisbane, Queensland
993UREN, Herbert LeslieTownsville, Queensland
996VAUGHAN, ThomasLismore, New South Wales
787WALLACE, Daniel ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
786WARD, FrederickToowoomba, Queensland
796WARD, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
797WARNE, RichardBrisbane, Queensland
999WARREN, ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
785WATSON, Arthur Charles AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
912WAYMAN, Herbert ClaudeBrisbane, Queensland
781WEBB, John EdgarLismore, New South Wales
780WEBB, James WilliamLismore, New South Wales
779WEBB, Robert HenryLismore, New South Wales
792WESTBURY, Charles AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
791WHALAN, Gerald AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
998WHITE, Harold StephenBrisbane, Queensland
793WILES, Harold JosephBrisbane, Queensland
783WILKINS, Henry TownsendBrisbane, Queensland
997WILSHER, Frederick JohnBrisbane, Queensland
782WILSON, AlbertBrisbane, Queensland
784WILSON, Arthur EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
794WILSON, Roy AlexanderBrisbane, Queensland
788WILSON, Richard MartinBrisbane, Queensland
790WOODHOUSE, Walter WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
789WRATHER, LeonardBrisbane, Queensland
829YENSCH, Henry GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
798YOUNG, Frederick GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
915MALPAS, Frederick WilliamBrisbane, Queensland

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