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9th Battalion, 6th Reinforcement

AWM Roll number: 23/26/2

  1. From Brisbane, Queensland on board HMAT A63 Karoola on 12 June 1915

2101ALLEN, William Joseph ThomasGympie, Queensland
2148ATHURS, William27 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, Sydney, New South Wales
2102AXELSEN, John MatthewCrown Road, Gympie, Queensland
2103BALL, James IvorKelvin Grove, Brisbane, Queensland
2104BARTRIM, EdwardCasino, New South Wales
2105BEALE, StanleyBrisbane, Queensland
2106BEATTIE, Norman AlexandraBrisbane, Queensland
2247BENJAMIN, RoyCharters Towers, Queensland
2107BOURKE, Arthur JosephCharters Towers, Queensland
2109BOURNE, William HenryTaxas, Queensland
2110BROWN, PercyCasino, New South Wales
2111BUCKINGHAM, Douglas James ForestToowoomba, Queensland
2112BUNCH, MartinBrisbane, Queensland
2113BURKE, John NormanSydney, New South Wales
2108BURROWS, MartinBrisbane, Queensland
2115CAMERON, Walter DavidLismore, New South Wales
2116CAMPBELL, John GordonBrisbane, Queensland
2117CASTLES, William Charles JamesInglewood, Queensland
2161CLARKE, Herbert FrancisBrisbane, Queensland
2114CLAXTOL, Arthur GeorgeTownsville, Queensland
2118CLAY, William AlfredAyr, Queensland
2120CLEMMENTS, John HerbertLismore, New South Wales
2119CLEMENTS, James ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2121CLOUGHLEY, Albert SidneyBrisbane, Queensland
2122COOMBER, MatthiasBrisbane, Queensland
2242CORBETT, MartenBrisbane, Queensland
2123CRAMPTON, JamesGladstone, Queensland
2124CURTIS, AlbertLongreach, Queensland
2125DACEY, Vincent DudleyCairns, Queensland
2126DAVEY, GeorgeTownsville, Queensland
2127DEARDON, Clement LovelTownsville, Queensland
2128DICKER, Arthur SeymourDalby, Queensland
2129DOUGLAS, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2130DRUST, Joseph JohnsonTownsville, Queensland
2131DUNLOP, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2132DUNN, MartinMaryborough, Queensland
2135ELLIOT, Archibald PattersonBundaberg, Queensland
2136ELLIOT, CharlesRockhampton, Queensland
2246ELLIOT, Percy AllanMullumbimby, New South Wales
2133ELLIS, JamesCairns, Queensland
2138FISHER, ArchibaldBlackbutt, Queensland
2139FITZGERALD, Leslie ManningGilgandra, New South Wales
2140FOGGO, ThomasBallina, New South Wales
2229FORBES, Patrick HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2174FORWARD, ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2141FOSTER, John Oliver ErnestBrisbane, Queensland
2142FYFE, ErnestInnisfail, Queensland
2143GLAVASKY, Usten
2144GOODFELLOW, Ralph WarrenBundaberg, Queensland
2145GOODSPEED, William JonasDalby, Queensland
2146GORDON, EricBrisbane, Queensland
2147GORDON, John MathesonCairns, Queensland
2149GRANT, Joseph CharlesCooktown, Queensland
2150HAINES, Sydney AlexanderRockhampton, Queensland
2151HALLAM, FrederickBrisbane, Queensland
2153HANLON, TimothyQueensland
2154HANNAFORD, SamuelBrisbane, Queensland
2155HANNELL, John WilliamLilyvale, Queensland
2156HAYTON, William ThomasLismore, New South Wales
2158HENDERSON, GeorgeBrisbane, Queensland
2159HEUSTON, Arthur JosephCunnamulla, Queensland
2160HICKEY, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2182HILLER, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2152HOGG, DavidGympie, Queensland
2162HOLM, CarlGympie, Queensland
2163HOLYWELL, JamesCairns, Queensland
2235HORNER, HaroldBrisbane, Queensland
2164HYDE, JacksonCasino, New South Wales
2236JOHNS, William Vernon HoraceKingaroy, Queensland
2165JOHNSON, WilliamIngham, Queensland
2166JURRETT, Thomas WilliamBarcaldine, Queensland
2168KARELIN, Peter AlexanderTownsville, Queensland
2167KAY, WilliamBrisbane, Queensland
2169KEANE, Henry MichaelTownsville, Queensland
2170KEARNEY, Patrick HenryClifton, Queensland
2171KUHL, HenryCasino, New South Wales
2172LENIHAN, Frederick JohnNanango, Queensland
2173LEWIS, JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2175LIVINGSTONE, Henry ThomasInnisfail, Queensland
2176LOVETT, Angus HewinBallina, New South Wales
2237LYONS, HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2181MACMASTER, FrankCunnamulla, Queensland
MADDOCK, Herbert Marks MeadowsHarbour And River Department, Edward Street, Brisbane, Queensland
2445MANCHESTER, Walter ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2184MARSHALL, GeorgeCunnamulla, Queensland
2157MARTIN, John EdwardBrisbane, Queensland
2134MARTIN, Robert McKewWilliam Street, Rosalie, Brisbane, Queensland
2185MATTHEWS, Allan JamesGladstone, Queensland
2177McALLISTER, DonaldMackay, Queensland
2178McDONALD, James MichaelKew, Victoria
2179McGUIRE, Charles ErnestBallina, New South Wales
2180McIVER, JohnInnisfail, Queensland
2234McMAHON, FrancisCasino, New South Wales
2183McQUILLAN, James
2187MILES, William JamesLongreach, Queensland
2186MILLAR, Thomas EdwinBrisbane, Queensland
2188MILLER, Henry MalcolmPort Germein, South Australia
2189MITCHELL, Ernest AlexanderGatton, Queensland
2190MORTON, Douglas Herbert HarrisonBrisbane, Queensland
2191MOUNTAIN, Stanley ThomasBrisbane, Queensland
2192MURPHY, PatrickAtherton, Queensland
2250MURRAY, JohnToowoomba, Queensland
2194NOLAN, John MichaelTownsville, Queensland
2195NORRIS, HenryNorthern Territory
2196O'RIELLY, JamesCairns, Queensland
OLIVER, Cecil Claude
2197OST, Henry Merman WilliamAtherton, Queensland
2240PALLITT, William JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2198PARR, Charles HenryPerth, Western Australia
2200PICKERSGILL, James HenryBrisbane, Queensland
2201POWER, WilliamSydney, New South Wales
2202RAY, William FrancisLismore, New South Wales
2238REES, Norman MaynanBrisbane, Queensland
2203REID, LanceTenterfield, New South Wales
2241RIDGE, HughBrisbane, Queensland
2243ROACH, Morris JohnLismore, New South Wales
2243ROACHE, Maurice JohnLismore, New South Wales
2204ROBERTS, JamesSydney, New South Wales
2205ROMER, PercyTownsville, Queensland
2206ROOMIANZOFF, Nicholas
2199ROWLEY, Stanley JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2207SAYER, HerbertGympie, Queensland
2208SEKACHOFF, GeorgeTownsville, Queensland
2209SEMPLE, LawrenceBundaberg, Queensland
2210SIMEON, AlbertSydney, New South Wales
2193SINKINS, Henry ScobleBowen, Queensland
2213SMITH, George ThomasCharters Towers, Queensland
2211SMITH, Henry GeorgeGundagai, New South Wales
2212SOMERVILLE, WalterBallina, New South Wales
2214STEPHENSON, ClaudeLongreach, Queensland
2215SUMMERS, EdwardWandai, Queensland
2218TAYLER, Henry AugustPomona, Queensland
2219TAYLOR, Sydney FrancisBrisbane, Queensland
2137TELGENHAUER, AlbertToowoomba, Queensland
2244THOMAS, Henry ArthurBrisbane, Queensland
2220THOMAS, James HerbertBundaberg, Queensland
2216THOMAS, ThomasCairns, Queensland
2248TILLEY, George EdwardHamilton, Victoria
2221TINCKNELL, AlfredAyr, Queensland
2222TURNER, Henry JohnInnisfail, Queensland
2223VARCIN, Joseph LucinRoma, Queensland
2224WATT, ThomasInnisfail, Queensland
2225WEBSTER, George WilliamCloncurry, Queensland
2226WESTWOOD, Robert EdwardTownsville, Queensland
2227WHITFIELD, Arthur JohnBrisbane, Queensland
2230WILKINSON, ThomasTownsville, Queensland
2239WILLIAMS, George HenryWallangarra, Queensland
2228WILLIAMS, HenryCairns, Queensland
2249WILSON, George JamesSydney, New South Wales
2231WOOD, George RobertBrisbane, Queensland
2232WOOD, John ReginaldBrisbane, Queensland
2233WRIGHT, Charles WilliamCooktown, Queensland
2127DEARDEN, Clement Lovel

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